Muslim Declares: "Allah Died on the Cross!"
At Speaker’s Corner in London, a devout Muslim recently declared that Allah died on the cross! Here’s the clip, featuring Jay Smith.

Jay Smith: Who died on the cross?
Christians: Jesus!
Muslim: Allah…

Muslim Organizations: Aight, b*tch apostate gonna die tonight.

He did not say that

If you want to be CORRECT, yes, Allah was DECAPITaTED and imprisoned. Allah is ACTUALLY the Apostles. WORD

LOL !!!

They looked drunk

Look at this man fooling people around YOU ARE A JOKER it is not funny at all

pray for him fellow Christians. he will need it.

what’s this guys name?

BS!! Allah was cast out of heaven and know resides in hell.

Ok, this is not really a Muslim admitting Allah dies on a cross, just calling out without hearing in automation. This is a fail video, no meaning, this kind of video raised the question, is the rest you say ok.

Haha…Jay Smith owned this guy…Amazing !!

Muhammad never ever make that kind of sacrifices.Muslim is out of luck

As I already said to a female Muslim on this thread; if you truly want to “see Jesus in Heaven”, say a prayer to Jesus tonight, and ask Him how to make that happen.
" Ask, and you shall receive "
Although I do understand your need to remain somewhat defensive here online, with all of us telling you how false Islam is etc; what have you truly got to lose by privately asking Lord Jesus Christ to show you the truth?

You gain the kingdom of Heaven by genuinely asking, believing, repenting of your wrongdoings, and then receiving His truth.

I’ll pray for you all too, no joke, I do love you Muslims, even though I do not know you.
That is what Jesus calls us to do, to “love our neighbours as ourselves”, & if I didn’t care about your soul; I honestly wouldn’t waste precious time with my own family, typing to you all, people that I do not know.

Even if you were the last person on earth; Jesus would’ve still died on that cross just for you!

Jesus is calling you and if you be still and just listen to His call, you will never again need to defend Islam nor Muhammad’s lies again.

You are worth it Muslims … ask Jesus.
Everything is awaiting you!

I don’t get it

too many Muslim in Europe especially in France,UK,Netherlands,Gemany

Cheese us, Cheese us :slight_smile:

if Allah died on the Cross,Than Why Anyone Talked About ???

The guy closest to the camera didn’t think that was funny. :slight_smile:

I’m glad thy young man was having fun with it