Muslim lives matter

Muslim lives matter, and the most important thing you can do to protect Muslim lives is to expose Muhammad and the Qur’an.

On November 21, 2017, a terrorist killed more than 50 worshipers in a mosque in Mubi, Nigeria. Since Muslim-on-Muslim violence goes all the way back to the first generation of Muslims, it’s time to protect Muslims by refuting Muhammad’s teachings.

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Not even human doctrine, like Joseph Smith, but doctrine of demons…

Not me agreeing with David suckma wood

And now Islam is being tortured by China and hopefully China will be tortured by Allah which is very heavy aminnn.

Nice Nice self History made up

0:28 Where those “Ramadan woshipers”?

You are the reason I have left Islam. Thank you

Which will equip you to refute and expose? Fulfilled prophecy of david OTO

watching this video as a Muslim will get you laughing so hard!
especially at 4:40 you are getting it wrong bro believe it or not .

“The greatest hate group against muslisms, is muslims.”


“The largest anti-muslim hate group in the world is Islam” lol

Suicide is one of the most major sin in Islam if you suicide then you will never enter paradise

They actually worship a blood sucking demon unknowingly, that’s why Muhammad’s generation of muslims are the best

You are Google translating you idiot the Quran do not say that

Interesting how Mo’ said he and his contemporaries were the “best” muslims ever, followed by the next generation and so on; and yet, he claimed Jesus and His disciples, from five centuries before were muslims…hmmm. Where then did THEY rank on the scale of “good” muslims?

Satan Allah…and Boko dirt…

I agree with David wood…

As a “Christian,” maybe you would like to explain “The Doctrine of Discovery.”

Interesting as always David, still learning from you, let’s pray for all Muslims

I agree with you David, we must inform Muslims and non-Muslims who have not a clue about Quran and it’s authors that this book is fabricated by very corrupted people simply quoting some verses. I have already saw in my own eyes how some of Muslims behaved when I showed them what is written in their Quran. Simply tried to criticize that I do not have a proper Quran! So I asked them how many qurans do you have? , the answer was: we have only 1 Quran ! So… what is wrong with this quran which I received from Muslims? They had not any answer and left. I prayed for them that God will open their eyes to see how they were deceived and that they will endive Christ as their Saviour, Christ died for them also they need to know that God of Israel is Loving and forgiving sins to all who call upon HIS NAME . AMEN