Muslim Man Attacks Hatun Tash at Speakers’ Corner

Earlier today, a Muslim man hit Hatun Tash in the face at Speakers’ Corner. Ironically, he hit her in the face for showing him a cartoon titled “Crybaby Muhammad,” depicting Muhammad as a baby who can’t take criticism.

Link to original video (DCCI Ministries): Solomon's Inshallah | Punched | Speakers Corner - YouTube

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Cry baby Mohamed…I loved it…

respect for the guy smacking her face. Love it.

The guy was Christian :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Bro should have knocked her out

You eat al quran

Don’t try and destroy a religion from one individual

Hatun got slapped, most satisfied video on the internet :joy:

David Wood you were scared of Shaikh Uthman to debate lol

She deserved this good job man

He wasn’t even a Muslim so what now

Free speech can come with a free slap

U people r so horrible call yourself Christians. Jesus would revoke you straight away

lair lair lair

David wood stop kissing the corner of their ass. Mo hijab kicked ur internet ass

Muhammad Will Never Be At Peace For Worshiping False God Allah Till The Day He Died!! REPENT Walk Away From Allah! Follow Jesus Christ!

The person who hit hatun is a christian smh

do u ever see a muslim draw a picture mocking jesus?

1:39 the Happy Moment