Muslim Mob Beats Student to Death for Blasphemy

On April 13, 2017, a Muslim mob beat Mashal Khan to death on the campus of Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, Pakistan. Khan’s crime was blasphemy. In this video, David Wood turns to the Muslim sources to see if Muhammad promoted the death penalty for blasphemy.

I bear witness. Mohammed was a piece of sh**.

Our politicians, news and social media condemns anyone who criticizes Islam. If we speak, we risk losing our jobs and therefore suffer financially. If we own a bussiness, we risk losing customers if we dare excersize our freedom to speak up. If we speak, we lose our ability to buy or sell in the market place. Congratulations David! You’ve identified the mark of the beast. By allowing ourselves to be stifled, we’ve accepted the mark of the beast and maintained our priviledge to buy and sell in the market place.

So glad I came across your video. Well explained looking forward to view more of your videos…

Thank you David for your tireless explanations about Islam.
You have opened the eyes of many. May God reward you richly and protect you and your family.
God protect the world from this satanic Religion. They are a danger to the whole world. And they grow like the plague because many have several wives like Mohammed and give birth to dozens of children.

Muhammad is a sick, twisted, child molester and rapist

Islam is so gross

Recently a Pakistani men was put to death for drawing muhhamad.
He was sick and was mentally unstable.
Hats off to Pakistan and ALLAH :pray:

Muhammad is the vehicle of the Devil.

Religion of peace? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Brother david wood

It is a miracle that David is still alive. Jesus Christ is Lord God.

Islam is a religion of peace

Refusing to convert to Islam results in death
Criticising Islam results in death
Criticising the founder of Islam results in death
Criticising Islamic texts results in death
Leaving Islam results in death
Breaking Islamic law may result in imprisonment flogging or death

Yep, preach! Also subbed for the challenge at the end.

You are one of the real people bringing light to my life by explaining many things from BIBLE

Islam is going to be the mark of the beast if you reject that Mark they going to do you the same thing they did to that poor kid.

They are going to see the wrath of God and suffer and burn with there gods.

And these people [the killers of Mashal Khan] call themselves civilized humans. What a joke

Unfortunately if point this out they will shout Islamophobia. They use this tactic to deflect all genuine criticism.

This was murder, albeit by a mob …
hopefully charges will get pressed although I am doubting it…