Muslim Mob Burns Down Ethiopian Church (with Help from Police)

On November 29th, 2011, a mob of more than 500 Muslims torched a church in Ethiopia after police had destroyed the roof. The church, in the village of Qoto Baloso, Silte province, was burned to the ground by Muslim students, accompanied by Muslim police officials. The students were shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (“Allah is greater”) and “Jihad!”

More than 30 police officers were deployed to destroy the church, but in the face of protests from local Christians, they held back from demolishing the rest of the building.

The christian island is sinking

These are Oromo pagans they do worst things to each other most Muslim Ethiopians live in harmony with their Christian brothers and sisters.

እ/ር ይስማን

Oh God …please show your power to these people.

I hate these Muslim people I am an Ethiopian my self

A false and fake video which ment to put ethiopian in confilict

This IS A Relegion of peace and love as we can see. WOW.

this is what an illiterate mind is all about

The United Nation and the Red Cross will send them money and food so they have the strength to do this again and again.

For all the world to see and identify the Children of the Darkness!!!

I am from Ethiopia except genocide with current Muslim government

ስልጤ እስላም ማለት ነብሰበላ ማለት ነው

I am ethopian muslim we ethopian live together peacefully this is pr[paganda

dedeboch wagachun tkeflalachu

haha fck churches!

and what was the reason to burn Church???

at is time to burns down fuck church all round the place in Ethiopia all over the world

Time to wake up people!