Muslim Mob Destroys Hindu Temple in Pakistan

Islamic clerics in Pakistan stirred up a mob of more than a thousand people and sent them to attack a Hindu temple. The temple, in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, was battered and burned. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the Guardian article quoted in this video (“Mob attacks and sets fire to Hindu temple in Pakistan”), click here: Mob attacks and sets fire to Hindu temple in Pakistan | Pakistan | The Guardian

For the “Pact of Umar” as quoted by Ibn Kathir, click here: QTafsir Tafsir Ibn Kathir Mobile

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“And we’re proud of that” - Ali Dawah

They peacefully distroy other religion heritage

Thats their general practice

Seems Like you Love Pakistan lol

This was in favor of babri masjid :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hindus are prosecuting Christian people in India and Nepal. Talk about that!

It’s their favourite job
They have demolished temples, churches, Buddhist etc in India Pakistan and Bangladesh

When Gobar bhakts and Delusional Christians meet…and about this demolition NO REGRETS~

Temple is not the place of God ,heart is the place of God

We as Indians shouldn’t be influence by this both hindu n muslim because deep down we are all Indian!! Other countries might do whatever in there countries but we Indian stand as ONE!! That’s why we are rising as a great Nation not with power, money or technology but as a most diverse and understanding country who’s first religion is humanity second as a Indian third as a son or daughter of our parents and than comes the so call religion

Thankyou so much for bringing this into light for the western audience. We are tired of this shit continuing for centuries.:sob::sob::sob:

Islam should not be termed as a religion anymore; it should rather be terminated if this is what they want to keep doing based on what’s written in their religious books.

Everything has a limit. Once that is crossed, a new Israel is set up!

wonder why hindus in india have a negative view of Muslims? This is exactly why! this is not the first time our people have been forced to convert, die or this is not the first time our temple has been destroyed. there were 600000 temples destroyed by mughals when they came to India. Mohammad Ghazni, a mughal ruler looted and destroyed Somnath temple 18 times because he could not get the gold out of the temple at once. Mughal ruler Shah mir destroyed our Martand sun temple in Kashmir (and the hindu civilisation of Kashmir). This is why we still have a negative view of Muslims. we do not hate Muslims, its just that when your community went thru so much in their past it becomes impossible to trust such people. we never know what their true intentions are. I don’t know if anyone here has heard about ghazwa-e-hind. its taught in every madrassa (Islamic religious school) so basically ghazwa-e-hind is a direction/ prediction by their prophet that their men (Muslims) shall completely eradicate Hindus from India by killing the men, converting their women’s religion to Islam and marrying them to produce muslim babies and kill their hindu babies and establish the Islamic kingdom of India. Some Muslims in India ( or maybe secretly all) believe in this and all they want to do is erase our community gradually. Nobody knows the terror of Islam better than India, yet every country comes forward to critise India on how they are treating its minorities. irl, majority is the “minority” in India. refugees in their very own country where our gods and sages were born.
so many hindu temples were destroyed, yet everyone stays silent in the world. but dare to even go into a mosque, it will hurt their sentiments and it will become an international issue. Every country will be hurt by India. 2 hindu temples were destroyed in Canada, I don’t think anyone knows about this here. 2 temples were destroyed in India in the year 2020, nobody knows about that.

Please save my religion and people of Hindu religion. :om::om::om::om::om:

Thanks :pray::pray:

That’s India after 10 years as they keep breeding at 10x vs Hindus

Oi Alija Aljo Intensifies