Muslim Murders Hindu Girl for Refusing to Convert and Marry Him

On October 26, 2020, a Hindu college student named Nikita Tomar was shot in the head by a Muslim named Tauseef. Tauseef had previously abducted Nikita and was pressuring her to convert to Islam and marry him. When Nikita rejected his advances and resisted being abducted, Tauseef murdered her in broad daylight as she was leaving Agarwal College in Ballabgarh. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the Times of India article quoted in this video (“Faridabad Murder: Accused Wanted Nikita Tomar to Convert, Marry Him”): Nikita Tomar: Accused wanted Nikita Tomar to convert, marry him | Faridabad News - Times of India

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Islam makes me so sick!

Thank you Mr. David Wood for speaking the truth as always…

Now I’m another minority and Hindus naturally accept and intrigued by all faiths, in mixed marriages never seen one ask to change and follow cuIturaIIy.

A man named Nagaraju was kiIIed last week too, he was innocent and humbIe that saw no difference in the women. Shows the cuIprit either way, make this international.

You know even the acid attacks are primarily from this community, remember Lakshmi Agarwal that made international news and ruin it for the rest!!! But have no idea of the mentaI gymnastics they play after and try to play victim to Arabic countries. The 15 year old was targeted by a 31 year old, they even protected his name in the Chhapaak movie, the rapes and sIumdog movie was based on it.

Mr David you should do a video on 1992 Ajmer Dargah sex scandal where Hindus girls were raped, blackmail and force to convert and marry muslim man. The main culprit were the Dargah Clarice son who was also a member of Congres youth. It is also India biggest sex scandal take place in Rajasthan.

It is a sincere request to muslims, i am not against your religion, do follow it and if you are educated please tell the non educated ones to stop this haters

Wikipedia says love jih0d is propaganda and fake

I belong to this city,

Now think what kinda majority Hindus are
Bcoz Indian construction gave upper hand to minority

U are chirstian!
But I dont believe u are christian, for me U are Hindu!
In Hinduism (or Dharma) telling truth no matter ( unlike islam or any other i dont know) ,respecting time and place and above all nature and mother earth , believing in science and music!
Dharma (not hinduism) is about duty, Duty for our ownself , for our parents, for our society, for our world, for humanity, for animals and nature forr river birds trees mountains, wind, fire soul! Duty to protect righteousness (Dharma). I dont say I’m Hindu but DHARMHC( to be righteous)
It pains un my heart to see how we got here, I can blame ultra non violent Buddhism Jainsim, but there came a fault in caste system because of that we are here! It can be because of racial factors ,but I have respect and i can not imagine how those people un that were so ahead and civilised from rest of the world, yes u can us pagans , idol worshipper, but hinduism actually assimilate absorbed into it from surrounding and give the best ( i dont when humanity can give its true alternate or get close to supreme (if there ) from our ancestors , actually if greed and power aside u can see and find and be flexible and forever aheading and changing ideas but till we dont know the core will however be same!)
I be sad at times but , I can be happy another moment that Dharma never dies righteousness can never die!
And i am proud that I am can call myself a Hindu or dharmic! Because I am not a slave of one man or one society’s ideas ,that I am a part of world’s eldest civilization a flexible 4elhion from outside but in the core u will see a true meaning of God!
And i am shocked and sad for moment to see people beleive in GOD Allah who is biased, I know in my life this thing will not change people human can fight but to fight for a god who is biased is slavery, u dont even understand what war is!

If it would be a Muslim women
It would become a much greater issue and gain more support.
But no one literally no one cares for Hindus.

Being indian hindi i say this is a false story… There was no compulsion for converstion

Love Jihad is Very Real and still happens to this day in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh!
Along with Love Jihad, there is Land Jihad, Education Jihad, and many other types of Jihad used against Non Muslims to assert dominance and create an Islamic Caliphate across India and the world!!

Thank god you acknowledged this Act :broken_heart::pensive:
They are forcing us to wipe out their whole community.
We can really do that,but we don’t wanna kill many innocents…
But if this continues to go on…
We will have to do that.

We hindus are 79 % of india’s population islam is 14 % (this happening with us )
Now imagine the opposite.

Now India wants some attention lol :sweat_smile::money_mouth_face: