Muslim Patrol Battles Bloods: New Turf Rivalry in Brooklyn (David Wood)

The Muslim Community Patrol in New York recently assaulted a teenaged boy for insulting a Muslim woman outside Siraj Wahhaj’s Masjid Taqwa in Brooklyn. Unfortunately for the Muslim Patrol, the teenager was the son of a high-ranking member of the Bloods (a violent street gang). A group of Bloods soon showed up at the mosque for a confrontation, but police showed up and dispersed the groups. One of the Bloods, however, vowed that the conflict wasn’t over. Will we see more conflicts like this due to the rise of Islamic Sharia patrols? David Wood discusses the issue.

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If it were my child. I would have to whip everyone. My kid, the MCP, and the lady. Everyone’s gotta get it. But, if the kid’s dad was really worried about someone putting their hands on his kid then he would have disciplined that butt a long time ago and wouldn’t even have that problem.

“reminds me of Mohammed” ----- Savage af

This was an even better crossover than infinity war!

It would seem that the Muslim security group needs to re- examine its tactics.
There are numerous Christian churches that now, (in response to episodes of violence directed at worshipping Christian’s ) have armed( concealed armed) personnel on their worship sites.
The Muslim groups parading around in pseudo police cars is a bit troubling, though.

Mr wood just get a job u are so jealous

I would kick my kid’s ass for such a behavior !!! I am a not a parent if i cannot teach my kids to respect the others regardless of their religion or their looks !!!

What in the world is Muslim patrol ? This is dumb
Who keeps giving power to those people. america :person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming:

Frk !
Crazy ppl find each other often .!
MCP= mad community party

Proud of Jesus he lived in india and China

It’s the opposite of separation of church and state

Hmm wonder if it cos they see themselfs as better then nonbelivers

There is something universal about this Peace behavior. The Peace Religion always wants to be in charge. If they can’t be in charge and can’t bully those in charge, they’ll at least pretend that they are.

I like how they are advertising themselves as MCPs. Take the hint, ladies, because that’s exactly what their religion teaches them to be.

“Halal beef” :joy::joy:

Bruh nooo way

Our governments have failed us completely
When we have The Bloods as protectors and defenders of our liberties, freedom and way of life. What is this world coming to?

Never did I ever think that I would ever side with a group such as a gang. But when there is much more serious threat than gang groups, then clearly only one choice if you decide to cheer for one over the other

Islamic brownshirts