Muslim Scholar DESTROYS Ali Dawah on Child Marriage! [Ft. Mufti Ebrahim Desai!]

We’ve seen famous Muslim YouTuber Ali Dawah claiming that, if his daughter started menstruating at nine years old, he would tell her she’s ready for marriage. We’ve seen clips of Speakers’ Corner da’ee Mohammed Hijab saying that the Quran allows sex with five-year-old girls. But what happens when world-renowned Sharia scholar Mufti Ebrahim Desai enters the discussion? Let’s find out!

To read Mufti Ebrahim Desai’s fatwa on child marriage, click here: Fatwas by Mufti Ebrahim Desai » Askimam

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You are just insane! :rofl::rofl::rofl: now you’re doing skits :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but jokes aside, it makes alot of sense.

If this doesn’t make your conscience scream thank you Jesus for being nothing like this.

3:57 just look at the face expression of the women and other people there like :slightly_frowning_face::expressionless::face_with_diagonal_mouth::neutral_face::dotted_line_face::grimacing: :eyes:

Muhammad: knocks up a bunch of his female slaves after murdering their husbands and parents along a regular marathon with his wives
Also Muhammad on his deathbed: No one has the right to knock up any wife of mine after I die.
His followerz: Pbuy

That was Hilarious!!!

Can you do these type of videos debunking the Shia point of view of Islam? I consider myself agnostic at the moment, but most of the debunking is done for sunnis. I previously having been a Shia know that our hadiths point out a lot of different things, Sunni hadiths are not considered authentic to Shias.

Isam=mental illness

The content creator of this video is a hypocrite for neglecting to mention that child marriage exists in the covenant of Moses as well. The Hebrew word for it is “ketannah.”

If it was so unnatural and wrong as a way why didn’t Jesus Christ speak out against it? :thinking:

Surely there must be some logic behind the God of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad allowing it…

Lmaoooo lol David, you nailed it :clap:

Yes David like when you debated with Sheykh Uthman and you brings evidences from a Shiaa website :joy: . I’m not a supporter of Ali Dawah since he is doing the same like you, using religion to make money. So just keep confusing your audience and let them to pay your bills.

I asked some Muslim ladies they for sure say that Muhammad didn’t rape her. Their marriage was from the heavens and it was meant to be… like in a past life sense. Ummm like they try to make it seem romantic but wtf

They twist it based on the audience’s knowledge. That’s deceptive

The fact that the Left in the world today have been grooming little girls and easing the public into accepting pedophilia tells me that Islam and the Left who make up a huge portion of the world today including governments, will be in total union to weed out Christians on a scale we have never seen. It’s coming

And werreee proud of that :joy:the outro

“The younger the better.”
–Muhammed (PBUH)

Be blessed David

Lies muslim and Taqiyah

i’m just saying u guys are rlly arrogant like u just love bashing muslims ok u don’t like it that’s ur opinion. and some scholars are rlly bad so pls do research and ali dawah is the worst person u could possibly get dawah from