Muslim Scholar Reza Aslan Admits That the Quran Is Wrong about Jesus

According to the Qur’an, Jesus was neither killed nor crucified (Qur’an 4:157-158). Yet Muslim scholar Reza Aslan admits that the Qur’an is wrong, for Jesus “was most definitely crucified.”

Reza’s views go against both Christianity and Islam because he is studying history from a secular point of view, not an Islamic one. So I’m not sure why you are using Reza’s view as a Christian. Reza believes the virgin birth is a false narrative which would falsify Islam and Christianity. Either way this channel is vile and hateful and I hope your hatred eventually leaves you.

if its wrong about jesus then it would not be perfect meaning what? that it could be wrong about other things including about whom wrote it! EVERYONE else is wrong only this one book is right. do not question what someone wrote 14 centuries ago about jesus science and biology okay? just believe it and do not think.

Both books agree that Jesus is the only virgin birthed blameless, sinless messiah or savior Sura 19:19 and that Jesus is god’s provision for all mankind for the forgiveness of sins and Paradise. Jesus birth is a great miracle by god and Jesus is now alive in Paradise and Jesus is coming back to Judge In Jerusalem Jesus fulfilled more than 365 prophecies when Jesus walked the Holy Land as the lamb of god who dealt with the sins of the entire world. Jesus is the greatest man that ever lived and Jesus raised the dead and healing all who came to Jesus, Both books agree that Jesus is the word of god and the spirit of god Sura 4:171. Was god’s word created or eternal.Of course it’s the eternal word of god. Call on Jesus right now and have Paradise and eternal life and forgiveness of sins. There is no forgiveness of sins in Islam Sura 48:1-2.

Reza wow you are contradicting Quran but same time speaking the truth. Thank you for admitting Jesus died.

As per Quran it appeared to the people of that time that Jesus (PBUH) was cricified. And same is written in history. It is greatest proof of Quranic truth, as it clearly states that it appeared to the people that jesus is being crucified & same is written in history. What clearer proof we need now to justify that Quran is the only truth.

So now we are learning Islam from Reza. As soon as you find something that suits you, jump on it. Quran has given a general principle about messengers that people cannot harm a messenger. Abraham was thrown in the fire and it did not burn him. Moses was given a miracle of staff that turns into snake to protect him from Pharaoh. Several attempts were made on Muhammad and God did not allow Makkans to kill him. Similarly, Jesus was not crucified and killed by Jews. Reza is writing history and people can conclude differently when writing history specially when it is few thousand years old. Since it was about a messenger, I would rather take God’s word over Reza.

This man can’t claim to be a Muslim yet not follow the fundamental beliefs of the religion

Al Quran, I believe it.

Jesus did not crucified , one interpretation is tthat he did not die on the cross, second interpretation is that crucifixtion myth or incident did not happen ever, Jesus is human being his birth is not virgin birth , he had the father ,and he has died, Jesus is not the above of God’s laws

He is a reader of history … so what he finds in books will admit it … but when you come to analyse the verses you will see gaps in it for more see Ahmed deedat

He looks more like a liar than a real muslim.

I think Reza did a good job as a historian and scholar by putting his religion away from the well established facts. If he had included the Islamic version, you will call him biased.

David wood was in jail , because he wants to kill his father. Now he want to insult our beloved prophet. Another jail in hereafter

by removed the trinity and cruxifiction from our faith , it gonna be the solution for the conflict between muslims and christians…

these people are not true to their words.

Clips and old fat men talking stupid shit!

If Jesus was crucified, the Quran is wrong.
If the Quran is wrong, it doesn’t come from God.

Reza Aslan never said that Jesus was crucified. actually this video is copied and pasted alteration of Joker, David Wood who tries to fool the audience taking money from his employer Anti Muslims channel.

These demons are masters of deceit! Watch out Muslims and keep the FAITH!