Muslim Scholar Warns about "Avalanche" of Apostasy

Bilal Philips is warning Muslims that an avalanche of apostasy is coming if they do not change their approach. But will Bilal’s methods really help? David Wood discusses the issue.

You can watch Bilal Philips’s talk (“Confused Muslims Leaving Islam Is on the Rise, What’s the Solution?”) here: Confused Muslims leaving Islam is on the RISE! | What is the Solution? - Dr Bilal Philips - YouTube

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Yes I am an ex-Muslim since September 2016 and I am freeeeeeeee with Jesus Christ.

I think this will give rise to progressive Islam

Lies can’t remain forever, only the truth prevails. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. Teach in truth not in deception. Islam, Mohammed and Allah are all false.

Only female in islam can make big avalanche…male muslims enjoy been dominant.

Allah is Satan the deciver, so choose Christ.

By 2050 ur people in europea will become atheists even today in communism more ur people r there in europea ur people in majority have emdraced atheism in usa 40 / of ur people r agnostic finally David shamoun c p rc alfadi ap jay hatun only be left ur faith because people r fully aware that Jesus will be unable to give salavation trinity crucification r fake even Mary’s viriginity is doubtful David quoting all faked information inorder to confuse the people and put them on the path to hellfire but believers will throw. Ur talks to wind

Proud for being an atheist from Bangladesh.

I was reading somewhere that the real reason Muhammad was worried when he married Zaid’s wife was at that time among the Arabs, when a man adopted someone, the adoptee was considered there actual child and not a step child. Which means he was guilty of incest. That’s why he went running to Allah.

God bless you David

bad book written to confuse and make people into violent apes upon reading and giving their souls to it sounds FAMILIAR TO SCIENTOLOGY doesn’t it?

Tazigan were and they Will die Tazigan or they Will die as free men.

Well done David

The truth is setting them free.

He loved his black slaves so much, he raped them and castrated them. That practice caused 1 man out of 25 to survive.

This is Great News… If we start to roll a snowball down a hill perhaps we can encourage this Avalanche…

Is his son still alive

So again, they blame someone else. Never looking at what the book thier teaching actually says

Leave Islam and join humanity.

Wonderful to know Muslims turning to the living God, Jesus Christ :100: