Muslim Scholars Are ADMITTING That There Are Different Qurans (LIVE, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Tony Costa will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing another video by Dr. Shabir Ally, in which Shabir again admits that there are different versions of the Quran. This time, we’ll focus on the infamous Sanaa Manuscripts. We’ll also watch a video by Islam Critiqued on some of Yasir Qadhi’s recent admissions:

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Jesus is the only way humbly ask he will answer you… No other gods can

Yes for sure David. You can have my channel too. Anytime if you need it.

Keep going DW❤

there are variants like the longer ending in Mark!!! hahahaha Bring your prove!! You are really lying. No why would you do that??? hahaha. Bring the prove of such variants because you absolutely dont know what you are talking about,. Just react with the prove so we can examine.

I would love to translate from Arabic to English anytime , please let me know

Which Church does Tony minister at, I would love to attend

Foundations rocked, demolition begun

David nabeel spoke in one of his books about learning Arabic at university- yet I can’t find this in his credentials. Do u know whether or not he did have any qualification in Arabic language?

No wonder xi xie ping n iran ayatollh r good friend. Both practise false doctrin

Can a Christian use rosary in prayer or it is a mistake can anyone clarify plzz

Yes…the Christian churches that I’ve actually heard mention Islam have embarrassingly inaccurate information. I always think when I hear misinformation from the pulpit on the subject…what if a Muslim were in attendance? They would immediately dismiss the rest of the message. We need to know more about it in the church.

David, please invite Bob the builder from speaker corner. I’m biggest fun of him and he is a great man of god

The basic fact is that there never was a “single” Quran. Muhammad was making this stuff up as he went along, including telling “it” in different ways to different groups of people. When you start with, lies you cannot reach the truth. The Muslims had their own Burn the Quran Day, long before anyone in the west did. The truth must be hidden from Muslims, even as their scholars fall back on the Quran must be the truth

Change the quran for you self. You know you can’t change the quran. Because it has never been changed

Allahu Akbar

Is it not important to tell Muslims that God became a man to save mankind to fulfill his promise to Abraham He became the sacrificial Lamb of God the blood of Yeshua Messiah is required for the remission of sins

Islam is the fowlest & deceitful of all false, man-invented religions founded on lies, forgeries, plagiarized, distorted & concocted “polytheistic monotheism”! No hope, no certainty, no end-purpose of life but dust & hell for spiritually dead! Every book is corrupted: sira, koran, hadith, tafsir, shariah & all sermons & writings thereafter are triply erroneous & falsehood!..islam is no concern of anyone who no truth as it is sstanjc garbage!!! is most priority of life is life aith true God at the end of life here & eternity! Heaven ia the home of souls for God final destiny. Hell for all those who are outside of " the way, truth & life" Jesus Christ! Without HIM no way, truth & life at all bcos the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our lord! be saved, stay awsy from evil, from islam!..false dr shalby ally BS drown by his verbosity! Excuses, alibis & stupidity! BUT PURE EMPTY HALLIW NONSENSE!

The allapukes thought their bogus god was implementing hijra to overtake the west.
The REAL GOD of israel has allowed it to bring light to millions of muslims that could not occur in their own countries.
Islam is on borrowed time

I think Yasir Qadhi is probably the most honest Islamic scholar at present. At least he is not lieing like the others.

Hello David. I love your videos, especially the ones where you criticize Islam using logic, facts, and their own sacred texts as the bases of your arguments.
I have recently seen a lot of these Islamic story videos pop-up on Youtube.
These cartoon videos look very similar to some of the controversial Elsagate videos from a few years ago. Since these videos are trying to teach kids morals and ideas, I wanted to compare what they’re teaching children to the most trustworthy sources on the koran and hadith.
So I would love to know where you get your sources from, so I can read them as well.
Keep up the good work, thanks in advance.