Muslim Scholars React to 200+ Lost Quran Verses!

According to multiple hadiths, more than 200 verses were lost from Surah 33 of the Quran. How do Muslim scholars explain away hundreds of missing verses while maintaining the Quran’s perfect preservation? The doctrine of abrogation, of course! David Wood discusses the issue.

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For the IslamQA article quoted in this video (“Soorat al-Ahzaab was as long as Soorat al-Baqarah, then most of it was abrogated”), click here: Soorat al-Ahzaab was as long as Soorat al-Baqarah, then most of it was abrogated - Islam Question & Answer

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David let’s debate with me, let me know when you’re ready

What about Bible

Who lied to Muslims that we Christians don’t memorize the Bible and it’s verses?

All these arguments and counter arguments show that Qur’an and Bible are written in the name of Allah,God :point_up:t5::point_up:t5::point_up:t5:

learn Arabic then start talking

Was a muslim still a muslim.The Quran is unchanged from the time it was revealed you getting ur info from the wrong sources LOL. Thank for the laugh.

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Mr. David wood and all the christians commenting wrongly and abusive. The holy Quran is the only protected book that is fully memorized no book on earth Can boast of that. And Allah replies this in the Quran In surah Al kahf chapter 18: verse 1, saying, praise be to Allah Who hath sent his servant the book and allowed therein no crookedness.

what we are claiming is that Qur’an did not change after the death of the prophet
What you mentioned is نسخ ايات
Which is Allah abrogati Add a comment…  Sayed Aboelata29 3 minutes ago Regardless of the reasoning, some scholars see it as a weak hadith that is not inferred. But we will give you the authenticity of the talk and take a. abrogating a verse
And the purpose of all life us worshipping Allah. And you can’t tell him how should he be worshipped.
So what you said is irrelevant to the topic «perfect preservation«
And more an objection to how Allah want to be worshipped.
And where is the sheiks reaction to the Qur’an?!

بغض النظر عن استدلال يري بعض اهل العلم انه حديث ضعيف لا يستدل به. ولكن سنسلم لك بصحة الحديث و نأخذ برأي القائل بكونه صحيحا (كون الموقع الذي تستدل به يقول انه صحيح لا يعني إلزامية ذلك، مع ان الموقع ذكر الرأي القائل بضعفه)
نحن لا نقول بأن القرآن لم يتغير مطلقا
نحن نقول بأن القرآن الذي هو معنا هو القرآن الذي عرضه على النبي في العرضة الاخيرة قبل وفاته (كان يعرض عليه القرآن مرة كل سنه)
فقد ينسخ الله بعض احكام (الاحكام المتعلقة بحلال وحرام فقط) وليس في هذا مشكلة فالله هو خالق هذا الوجود وغايتنا فيه هي عبادته(القرآن نفسه نتعبد الى الله بتلاوته (
ولن تنصب نفسك حاكما على الله تخبره بما يجب ان يفعل فالله حاكم لا محكوم
اما عن حرق المصاحف . فالتدوين كان أمرا ثانويا في ابقاء القرآن. انما الحفظ هو الاساس وليس التدوين.

Quran is in perfect preservation because of the numerical miracles. Example below,

Number 19, “… are nineteen. … number have We made to be a stumbling-block for those who disbelieve; that those to whom the Scripture hath been given may have certainty,…” [74:30-31]

Quran has 114 chapters which is multiple of nineteen. The begging phrase of each chapter, “In the name” (besme Allah), has nineteen letters, بِ سْ مِ ٱ ل لَّ هِ ٱ ل رَّحْ مَٰ نِ ٱ ل رَّحِ ي مِ , original, بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ. The word Allah is repeated more than billion times which is again multiple of 19. For chapters that start with acronyms at beginning like الم or الر, total number of verses for the chapters with the same acronym is multiple of nineteen.

I Believe goat also eat pages from Quran.

Hey Wood…wtf you gonna stop all this?

Without lies Islam dies.

It is best for all our Muslim brothers and sisters to follow the teachings of Jesus (Isa) because Jesus has the power to grant eternal life (St.John 10:28).Mohammad cannot grant eternal life. Jesus has the power to forgive sins (St Matthew 9:6,St Luke 7:48).Mohammad cannot forgive sins. Mohammad is dead and is not coming back. Jesus is coming back in all his glory with his holy angels to judge and rule this World (St.Mathew 25:31to 34).If Muslims follow the teachings of Jesus they will enjoy royal life in the Kingdom of God (Revelation 1:6).Glory be to God in the highest.

Yes, exactly

Hes says no

This is the difference between the Bible and the Quran. God warned man not to add or take away from His word. God said nothing about the Quran. This is because the Quran was written by Muslims.

poor people so jealous of the quran. we all know that the bible has 6 missing books and we know it hurts you. we can also understand how that leads to jealousy but you’re not fooling anyone. every quran on this world is identical to the letter and every quran that has ever existed has been the same. the quran just missing one word would not have the power it has today let alone 200 verses lmao. the oldest quran we have today dates back to the prophets time, it was one of the first written qurans and it is still identical to todays quran you buy in some cornerstore. allah has challenged any of you to write just one chapter that would come close to a quranic verse and yet none of you ever were able to do so. if you want to make any muslim turn away from his faith, we all dare you to accomplish that fate. bring all your poets and scientist and let them try. they will try for a 100 years and still not succeed.