Muslim Woman Leaves Islam and Becomes a Christian!

A British former Muslimah named Khadija called in to say that she has left Islam and is now a Christian! Praise God for Khadija’s testimony and for blessing her to know and love Him. Please pray for our beloved sister in Christ!

I love these older videos! This makes me wonder how many Muslims have been saved through Dr. Wood’s videos?

There is nothing like a David Wood video at 3:37 am! :joy:

Keep it up!!!

If God is omniscient, omnipotent and all powerful he wouldn’t need to kill himself for our sins, he could just decide to forgive us outright and make it abundantly clear how we are to act, or else. No need for all the pageantry. He could appear right in front of our face and tell us exactly what he wants, he wouldn’t have to tell us on a piece of toast.

Proud to be a Muslim :star_and_crescent::heart_decoration:

I love these conversions.
Glory be to God in his Church.

Islam is darkness and sickness

Every living creature possess the qualities of it’s parents.
1.Jesus was born to Mary, Mary was born to Hannah but God has no parents.
2.The physical make up of Jesus and Mary is flesh and bones, Lord is not.
3. People has seen Jesus and Mary, no-one has seen lord almighty.
4. Mother Mary is dead Jesus will die
but Lord almighty is eternal.
5. Jesus and Mary both prayed to lord,
The lord almighty is worthy of worship.
All these qualities of Jesus makes him a human being ,Jesus the Son of Mary
Not Son of God.
Read the holy Quran a guidence and light from the lord almighty for those who fear.
Know your lord know peace.

God is good

Praise the lord of Israel :heart::israel::heart:

We need to hear more testimonies brother David…praise be to GOD and only HE be glorified forever :v::v::v:GOD use you more powerfully for many many more years through CHRIST our LORD - Amen​:v::v:

You are saying in this video the Quran says muslims should be violent

But you are also saying that Muslims say it doesnt

So isnt it more likely you have misunderstood something as someone who doesnt have an islamic education than muslims are wrong?

DON’T CANCEL ME I JUST NEED HELP!..Spreading the truth about who Jesus is in my new book…(Jesus Is God Scripture Proves It by Cary Glenn)…available where books are sold.,

We all are converts to
Christ. ALL Muslims ultimately will come to Christ wilfully…

Praise the lord Jesus :pray:

Great to hear another has seen the Truth
The scenes in the background
Nice touch with the Twin Towers

This just appeared in my recommendation. Glad to see that YouTube is still recommending David’s channel!

Lol David should be Pastor

Muslims who pray 5 times daily, repeat at least 17 times the verse, “The path of those you bestowed favors upon, not those who have incurred [Your] wrath and those who have deviated.”

Every Muslim who repeats this verse knows it is that those who “deviated” from Allah are the Jews and the Christians

Your disgusting. How you could spread lies about a beautiful religion. Its like your mission because you know its the truth . Why else would you be soooo fearful of Islam to go this far into your daily life , its consumed you can’t you see? Its because you know there are so many Muslims converting that you can’t even count , they convert because they are INTELLIGENT they read with an open Heart and Mind and see the Truth. Your an idiot because all your doing is causing the already insecure and Hateful to become more Hateful and causing the INTELLECTUAL ones to READ into Islam with an open Heart and Mind for themselves and see past your lies and bullsh*t, which is great! Thanks for bringing in more potential Muslims towards a beautiful spiritual path.

Once these Open hearted and Minded individuals see past your Deciet and Read for Themselves into unbiased websites and Research and Understand Context and Legit translations you will be the last one left behind.
What’s even more sad it that Even Prophet Jesus (peace be apon him) would condemn your evil behaviour of spreading falsehood…
Do something Constructive with your time, I’ve Never seen anyone more Bored.

May Allah guide you.

La illaha ilAllah Mohammadan RasulAllah