Muslim Women Are Being Tortured and Raped in Chinese “Re-Education” Camps

Uyghur Muslim women are being tortured, raped, and forcibly sterilized in communist “re-education” camps (aka concentration camps) in China. Meanwhile, American companies are profiting from Uyghur forced labor. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the 2021 Open Doors World Watch List:

For the BBC article quoted in this video (“‘Their goal is to destroy everyone’: Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape”): 'Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape - BBC News

For the study from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (“Uyghurs for Sale: ‘Re-education’, forced labour and surveillance beyond Xinjiang”):

For the New York Times article (“Nike and Coca-Cola Lobby Against Xinjiang Forced Labor Bill”): Nike and Coca-Cola Lobby Against Xinjiang Forced Labor Bill - The New York Times

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Believing everything straight from BBC without peer reviews …

Chinese are also kidnapping Ukrainine children another video on that

Well David he Chinese are educating the Muslim women practically on the teachings of Muhammad and the unholy devil’s book Quran on what to do to unbelievers women and to the Chinese ideology this women are unbelievers, so Davey fai is fair keep the good work China and Davey please be niceand let the Chinese do their Quran courses

The thing is BBC is known to be huge liars…

Chinese are pretty smart

I agree we should care for all people :cry::cry::cry:

Sounds like today’s Democrats!

So sad we Christian care about everyone but muslims Dear brothers Don’t understand this. :heart:

Alright! That does it! I am no longer going to support Disney till they stop giving support to China! I don’t give a flying HORN how long it’s going to be!

I think american companies make more money on the muslim genocide that us is buy in the middle east
More then 80 billion dollars in 20 years while the people in USA live on the street and cant pay decent healtcare

#1 Forced labour?
North Xinjiang heavily use John Deere cotton harvester.
South Xinjiang hand harvest HQ cotton using seasonal Han Chinese workers from surrounding provinces.
These seasonal workers are paid 10x their earning of working their own farms.
Almost all these cotton farms are owned by Uighurs.
H&M & BCI are clearly spreading LIES in serving their political masters.
#2 Genocide?
#2.1 From 2010 to 2018, in Xinjiang, the Uygur population increased from 10.1715 million to 12.7184 million, an increase of 2.5469 million,
or 25.04%; the population of Han ethnic group increased from 8.8299 million to 9.0068 million, an increase of 176,900 people, or 2.0%.
#2.2 If there’s genocide, how come there is no mass exodus of refugees?
#3 Suppression of Muslim?
#3.1 Xinjiang has the highest # of mosques per capita in the world.
#3.2 How come not a single Muslim country join the US, the Five Eyes [US, UK, Australia, Canada & NZ], EU & Japan in condemning China?

A Lesson In History…

  1. Which countries invaded and occupied Indonesia? Netherlands for 350 years and Japan for 3.5 years.
  2. Which country was once the colonial master of Malaya & India? Britain.
  3. Which countries invaded and occupied Vietnam? France 1857-1940 & 1946-1954, Japan 1940-1945 and USA (in Southern Vietnam) 1955-1975.
  4. Which countries were responsible for colonisation of the African continent? Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy.
  5. Which 8 countries were responsible for the occupation of China in early 20th century? Britain, US, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy & Austria-Hungary.
  6. Which countries are responsible for colonising and almost annihilating the Red Indians in northern America? France & Britain.
  7. Which country colonised and almost annihilated Aborigines in Australia and New Zealand? Britain .
  8. Which are the member countries of G7?
    United Kingdom/Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & USA.
    And now the million dollar question…
  9. Why are the Genocidal 7 members see China as a threat even though China is the only major nation on earth that has never invaded or occupied another country?
    Ego or fear of retribution ?

This was tough to hear

I’m praying for these women

:thinking: but I think muslims women feel happy as it’s not so much different frm their own culture,

Congrats Dp, the president has taken note of this .

Our problem is with Islamic theology, NOT muslims! Anyone that professes to be a Christian should condemn this forced re-education program. They are our brothers and sisters!!!

Christians aren’t perfect, but, Christianity is the Light of God broadcasting light upon Luciferian darkness

Thanks for covering this

China is frkd up !
and the West decides to b silence on their human rights violations,
China is a , clear evil and a threat to peace and human rights .