Muslims Prove the Quran Was Corrupted!

Recently, I invited Muslims to give me a single unequivocal statement from Allah in the Quran saying that the Gospel has been corrupted. Their responses have provided a variety of ways for me to prove that the Quran has been corrupted. This is one of them.

Quran 15:90- 91 (Yusuf Ali):
“(Of just such wrath) as We sent down on those who divided (Scripture into arbitrary parts), (so also on such) as have made Qur’an into shreds (as they please).”

Quran 15:90- 91 (M.H. Shakir):
“Like as We sent down on the dividers, those who made the Quran into shreds.”

Quran 15:90- 91 (Palmer):
“As we sent down (punishment) on the separatists who dismember the Quran.”

Link to livestream response to Adnan Rashid: - YouTube

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I’m about to go LIVE with cold-case detective and author J. Warner Wallace. We’ll be discussing the early spread of Christianity and its impact on science and education, and we’ll be comparing this with the spread of Islam. Here’s the link: - YouTube

Did you know that the gospels Writer Paul is wiser than the gods of Christians’? Proof: when we read Torah we see their gods choose such prophets who were wicked men with wicked family members who committed adultery, raped, had incest sex, murdered, worshipped idols, and when we read the Bible Writer Paul, he writes to Titus that if someone wants to be the head of the church or a priest, ıt requires to have so many quite important features to be able to be just a priest.and also his family members must have certain features. So who is wiser? Of course paul is the wisest. Then Christians must also deify Paul as the wisest god of them and make him have a chair above the trinity.
Ps:ın Islam, all the prophets of Allah are pure and they all have common characteristic and spiritual features. The evil in things written about them in Torah are the proofs of torah’s being changed into lies… You christians really do not get ahsamed at all while reading such nasty things written about the prophets in torah??

There are some things in the Qur’an called the Articles of Faith. One of these is to believe in the “revealed books”. “Revealed books”. This does not mean one book, the Qur’an, but all three books. This also means the Torah and the New Testament. To say that any of the three books have been corrupted, such as the New Testament, is a statement of disbelief in that book. This means that any Muslim who says such a thing has excluded themselves from Islam. That person is no longer a Muslim. To see the list you should read the Mushin Khan translation of the Qur’an.


I like the ‘m0slem’ version of David Wood. Such comic talent.

Allah and Muhammad are the kings of projection.

Sir David wood should be appointed as the dean of islamic university ,Cairo

Watchtower org aka Jehovah’s witnesses group is the same. Their doctrines have changed more times than Muhammad’s semen soiled clothes

why does allah refer to himself as we

I pray for all my Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity that they, in this “holy” month of Ramadan, repent from their beliefs and then to Jesus Christ, who is the true God, He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. (John 14:6)

Keep it going brother. The ignorance is as astounding as ever. :facepunch:

all holly books are Quran 43:21 . 33:38 43:8 48:23 25:20 . So many verse push in Quran , some verse are miss interpreted . I can prove by the Quran .

Im Al-Yahood from Banu Israil. Muslims come to teach us about the Torah while they do not know what is written in their books. A lot of contradictions in one book, shame to the Umma and Peace be upon me!

You have been destroyed many times over Mr Wood but I love how you try to come back thinking that you could do better. Please come again :laughing:!

But you said so much bad things about Islam, and Mohammed Hijab answered you …
I have 1 question for you, do you know Jesus was black?
Are you ready to tell him about racial discrimination against him by bad cops? And churches dedicated to black people?
He will be treated as a holy man ever? Or as a black?

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Hypocrisy is the main pillar of Islam. Muslims and Islam use double standards you can see everywhere

Islam doesn’t allow its faithfuls to think. It only encouraged rote recitation of the quran without questioning anything.