Muslims React to Beheading of Teacher Samuel Paty over Muhammad Cartoons

Many Muslims condemned the recent beheading of middle school history teacher Samuel Paty, who was brutally murdered for showing some of the Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons to his students. However, many Muslims also defended Paty’s beheading at the hands of Abdullakh Anzorov, claiming that anyone who displays cartoons of Muhammad should be killed. In this video, David Wood shares some messages from Muslims on both sides of the issue. Since freedom of speech is at stake, the entire world should be following what happens in France.

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Happy Oktoberfest, Jihadis!

Love ya David!

The sheep that ate the verses with Ayisha really sent a good message to mislems but they’re so blinded to see or hear the message from the sheep.

I can’t believe there are still followers of islam after all these vile responses. Islam is evil, one can tell by their fruits. Disgusting, Satanic, false religion. What a religion

Love and respect from India


We all know what happened.


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This guy seriously has some COURAGE to do all this David wood ur so awesome the Lord def gave u bravery thats for sure hahahaha please stay safe tho lol

Al ak bu baru. Slit is throat.

the reaction to the killing of the cartoonists was grenade throwing at mosques and islamic centres… so theres plenty bad everywhere!


i get hating islam is the only way for you to make money but this is stupid most people who read the quran convert and you’re ligit putting words in the muslims mouth. Everything that is happening to u is a test and you’re failing that. sorry about the teacher it was wrong but muhammed SAW was more of a man than you will ever be. He went through so much loss and was such a good man no christian no human being no man on earth can compare to him.

Bro plz add Subtitles to every video
I don’t wanna miss any of your videos

11:25 got me😂

ya i live in indonesia (im a follower of christ) and there was this person who got arrested for saying that the people praying in the mosque was too noisy(just so u know there are microphones and stuff)

I am not a muslim, but can I have a cookie too, please.

May Allah swt help him