Mutilating Allah: How Tawhid Turns Islam's God Into a Mute Idol (Anthony Rogers)

Tawhid (the unification or oneness of the god Allah) is the most cherished doctrine of Islam. Potential converts to Islam are assured that Islamic theology is clear and that Islamic monotheism is pure. Behind the scenes, however, Muslim apologists and scholars are accusing each other of committing “shirk” (associating partners with God) and declaring each other “heretics” and “unbelievers” over their different understandings of tawhid, and the history of Islam is filled with bloody battles and persecution over these differences. In this video on Tawhid, Christian apologist and theologian Anthony Rogers discusses the classic decision Muslim scholars have had to make about their god: either they make Allah’s Word a separate, created entity (leaving Allah a mute idol) or they make Allah’s Word a part of Allah (thus associating a partner with him). Islam’s endless confusion over the theology of their god (Allah), their prophet (Muhammad), and their book (the Quran) continues.

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Generally only Catholics, and possibly EO, are willing to reference the Book of Wisdom as it is part of the deuterocannon, and not the books typicaly accpeted by protestants. Is Anthony Catholic?