My Brother Is On Life Support (Don't Do Drugs)

My brother Manny’s kidneys, liver, and heart failed yesterday. Multiple drugs were found in his system. His brain was deprived of oxygen and also swelled until doctors lowered his body temperature. Stay away from drugs, Folks.

I’m an addict too I need your prayer… That’s all I can say.

Hows your brother doing :heart:


How’s your brother doing now David. I know this is 2 years ago

This is why you should never talk bad about islam. Ok hey david where is jesus ha. But i am a muslim for that i Pray for all. Allah safe all

It’s so sad. Hmmm… I hope he gonna get back to a healthy guy , butnever do drugs again…

Big pharma brought drugs on the streets there are drugs that are good for you like micro dosing phycadelics but big pharma won’t make money :heavy_dollar_sign:

I’m a addict for 30yrs now methadone heroin cocaine etc but I’m almost of them now by grace of God hope Ur brother gets his heart soft by the Lord, the US has a fentynl epidemic I hope he pulls threw and stops this is a year after so hope he’s ok now let God work his grace upon him I’m sorry David

I feel like this is way more powerful because David is a psychopath (6:25). He identifies the facts instead of commiserating, but he does it so that the rest of us will learn from his brother’s mistake.

It’s easy for me not to do drugs. I hope your brother is enter now.

For a long time I struggled with drugs. It seems like a different life at this point. I remember I saw everyone keeping track of their days sober and I was like “why wouldn’t you want to forget how long you’ve been sober for? It just seems like a constant reminder to me, good or bad.”

I kind of moved towards herbal stuff and the meds they give you for detox. Except I would never go to a doctor myself. The herbal stuff eventually allowed me to get to a place after a few months where I felt like “okay I’m making the decision to never touch anything unless it’s natural.” I’ve never had an issue with drinking. Partying a little bit too much but not really too often. Anyway.

That all lead to really putting the brakes on my habits. and I always thought of addiction as a train. "If I fail, I will come to a stop even sooner than last time. Just slamming the brakes until I couldn’t tell the difference between stoned, in withdrawal or being sober. Glory to God is due here because I don’t know if that would have worked without some divine intervention, not like the kind you get sat down in a room over. I look back on it now and see that I was being led out of that life.

I came to faith once I was way calmed down and only using herbal stuff. I remember my brother following me to this guy’s house once when I went to buy drugs. He flipped out on that person and brought me back home and the feeling of seeing your older brother cry over things you’ve done is probably enough to make most people stop many things.

There were a ton of different things. I went to rehab briefly and met a ton of different people. I was young so I didn’t really realize that most people were in there for sentencing and dealing. So I kind of talked to everyone. I ended up moving in with my estranged grandparents before they had passed, having messed up again. Then I started losing friends and distant family to drugs.
There really are so many details to consider. I know sometimes it is hard to recognize addicts as people, but people they are. (Even having been a terrible one.) If God hadn’t put my brother home that day would things have gone differently? I don’t know. I think the way the medical system handles things is suspect and often just not suited to individual people at all. So treatment only makes you feel like “Oh i guess this is just something I’ll be dealing with forever then?”

I don’t believe that is the case. I pray that isn’t the case, but in my experience, habits like nicotine were much harder to slam the brakes on. At least in comparison to heroin or oxycontin. I never did amphetamines more than three days in a row, because I had always seen people phase out of existence, losing weight and teeth because of it. Anxiety meds almost always seemed to get me fired or put my life at risk. I don’t think I would be sober still if it wasn’t for focusing on health and faith, and certainly, this is true of the grace of God. Losing these habits one by one, you start to see “oh this isn’t just me.”

Nowadays I’m less obsessed with health and stuff, I still pay attention to nutrition a little bit. I would read biochemistry papers for fun to learn how things affect you. I went to college for music production and dropped out a few months ago but that’s unrelated. I just lost interest after having really good grades and being corrected on something when I understood the material clearly. Also, the projects kept including material that was increasingly secular and I just had little interest. I left my job to go to school right as all this “sickness” stuff came about. Then I was in a situation where I had to help my family out a bit more. Those things will really develop a spine in most people. Especially when you’ve done all the partying and had that same family wanting nothing to do with you. It’s the little things though. Working at sales jobs and seeing like “this is kind of slimy and it’s just not for me.” (No judgement to anyone else in sales, it was just the specific sales we were doing, seemed to take advantage of people.)

Eventually, those things accumulate and you go “Jesus, I need your help.”
Leaving that life behind took time. I think it involves way more demonic stuff than we tend to think.
I think many people need prayer for deliverance from anything that is holding them to that life.
Prayer over them, others showing them that they actually just care, grace when the means of getting sober seems like giving up. (Not counting days sober and replacing one thing with another.)

I think if you ask God for help He will lead accordingly. Ask Him to replace your bad habits with good ones and to be aware when they are leading you into pride or down the wrong path as well.

Also when you talk about “higher powers” in rehab or AA/NA, pray to your Creator because some of these rehabs have you doing yoga and listening to trance and binaural music telling you it’s gonna make you feel better.

Faith is still very important to me. God is good.

@acts17apologetic what’s the update on your brothers health

Mr. David Wood, please make a video of the following: It is true that demons are invoked in the White House. What is true in that? What is being done about it?

My nephew passed away on august 1 mixed alcohol and opioids he was 20

David I just found this video. Hope your brother is ok.

Hi bro :heart:

This is the reason why, when I’m depressed I’d rather break down crying alone, than get addicted to drugs and alcohol.

So sad to hear about this, though it is a year later

oh no.