My Channel Reached 100,000,000 Views!

After more than a decade of making videos, we finally reached 100 million views! Thanks to all of you who made it possible!

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thanks D Wood. who would have thought a psychopath and a former Muslim continue to be some of the most influential apologists. Keep going :south_africa::+1:

King :crown: David Wood

Almost 160 million

You deserve! More :heavy_heart_exclamation:

God bless you abundantly DW

Congratulations Dr. David for your good work. Your videos are brilliantly made. Our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified through your life brother.

Praise the Lord Jesus. May His holy spirit convince many souls worldwide of the Truth: Jesus Christ.

JESUS :pray::pray::pray::+1::+1::sunglasses:

Congrats on reaching such a huge number. I am ardent fan of yours. Hamdulillah

I absolutely love the thumbnail.

Chasing shadows. Seem so proud of yourself.

Wow congrats!!!

How many subscribers did the Apostle Paul have? I understand he walked a lot of miles. Is there a “mile vs. subscriber” conversion chart available, anywhere?

You would have 300 400 million views if it wasn’t for You Tube creating algorithms to stop the spread of your videos

David you’re awesome!

Praise the Lord! :+1:

Well, you were right – it’s been 1 year and now you have 150 million (views). If Yt doesn’t take down ur account (:unamused:…) you’ll probably reach 200 million by next summer. :slightly_smiling_face:

With that much view. Why YT demonetized the channel ?

Cheers David, well deserved and effective. Obsolete, nah, inspiration to do what’s right is priceless, so could see how that might cross one’s mind.