My Mom OD'd While Taking Care of My Brother Who OD'd

On December 23rd, I drove my mom to Morgantown, WV, because my brother Manny was unconscious after his heart, liver, and kidneys failed due to drugs. My mom stayed in Morgantown to take care of him. Today, my mom was found dead due to a heroin overdose.

Sir David Woods your videos are the reason am alive, every night before I sleep I pray to lord Jesus to stop my sufferings, whenever am tempted to suicide i go back to your videos or brother Nabeel Qureshi’s videos,May mom rest in peace amen.

I’ve been down for 15 years with a broken neck all i been doing for the last 15 years was praying and reading the Bible. I’m in a total different world now I’ve noticed one thing if the devil can’t get to you he’ll get to your loved ones remember one thing David Jesus loves you that’s one promise I can make

I’m sorry about your mom and your brother father touch David family

You’re at Mel’s Diner which one?


I am afraid that your mother is in hell

I am so sorry for your loss

L rest in piss bozos :skull::100:

I’m sorry brother, and to your family. I and many others in the faith will pray for your comfort. Love you, keep praying, and stay safe❤

Sorry hear lost I just lost someone this year I cannot say much but can say psycho but muslim who my dad married trying to take everything thing away from me and my family please pray for me David wood

David, having an antisocial personality, do you ever get backlash for being SO cool and calm about a tragedy that JUST happened? As a sociopath I avoid talking to family and friends when someone dies and I avoid funerals at all costs.

Everyone in the comments is more upset about his mother’s death than he is. Her death means nothing to him. He doesn’t experience heartbreak he’s a Psychopath.

Wow, thank you for sharing. Prayers :pray:

Just seeing this now, so sorry for your losses… :cry::sob:

Saw your video only today David. Extremely pained at what you’ve gone through. May Lord give you even more strength to continue doing the noble work you’re doing.

You real calm

we also bring our lives back from the dead in small steps, every fay is a battle, are you going to win or are you going to loose? in the name of christ, every morning you wake up, jesus gives you the grace to pick up from where you last left. keep fighting, its our mature to be tempted, dont let shame ruin you like it has done me many years.

I dont know how you manage to keep your resolve in the manner you do, the things you have been through is enough for most to falter or give up, and I doubt under simular circumstances I my self would have been broken. I may not be a man of your god but I still hope that your god protects you and strengthens your resolve against the evil doers of the middle east, I wish more people In my country (Sweden) would see your videos and be exposed to the truth about our new “countrymen” that are beeing thrusted upon us by the house of treachury (I.e parlament).
God and Gods watch over You mr david wood

Oh man, I’m so sorry for this… God rest her soul. :pray: