My Nemesis Got Arrested For WHAT?

MENJ, who runs the channel “The Muslim Apologist,” was recently arrested on charges of child pornography. His arrest is part of a new pattern emerging among Muslim apologists. Indeed, ever since the infamous “Holes in the Narrative” interview, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Mohammed Hijab, Ali Dawah, Farid Responds, Adnan Rashid, Ijaz Ahmad, and now MENJ seem to be sabotaging their own religion. Muslim dawah teams convincing British police to remove Hatun Tash from Speakers’ Corner is cause for further concern. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Hello Menj, jangan kamu saperti orang Yang kamu idoliakan. Kalian kena tangap polisi Malaysia kerana simpan gambar " pornography anak anak. Kesian,bila kalian keluar Dari penjara?.
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