Nabeel Qureshi: A Short Testimony

Here’s a short video of Nabeel explaining why he left Islam and turned to Christ.

Nabeel’s testimony video was recorded and edited by Muslim Journey to Hope, a ministry that records the stories of Muslims who left Islam for Jesus. This particular clip shows the story of Nabeel Qureshi, an Ex-Muslim, and how he came to accept Jesus as his Lord. Due to time constraints of the video itself, his testimony is cut (the original video was an hour long) and significant edits have been made. Thus, the testimony is not 100% accurate as presented, but is sufficient in its gist.

For Nabeel’s full testimony, be sure to read his book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.”

R. I. P Nabeel Qureshi

It’s like opening a history book and expecting psychology in it. They are from the same deity withing various time frames. The Bible dealt with certain ussues of its time and so did the Quran.
We dream all kinds of crap! Whatever concerns you the night before you sleep, you may dream it. Psychologically you trained your mind to see that dream. If you had been desperate to see a goat and really asked for it, you might have seen one!
My advice for you: Don’t take Christianity to the extremes like you did with Islam; otherwise, you might convert out of that, too.

So he just happened to be Davids room mate ?? BS

It basically comes down to that we are close to the same: the oneness of God, Allah. And by the grace of our Lord, we will enter Jennah, Paradise.

We share the same goal, the same mission. Dont forget, before prophet Mohammed pbuh, only Jesus was the prophet though whom worshippers of God, Allah, could enter Paradise. And Jesus (as) will return to us. But before that, Ahmed (Mohammed) will be the prophet after me to convey my message (Isiah 42).

I myself am a Muslim, and see Christians and jews as Ahlul Kitaab (the people of the Book). By Allahs, Gods grace, may we all enter Paradise.


Halelujah! God is alive. Hi from New Christian from Turkey. God bless you all.

Now Nabeel is with his/our Lord, and Savior Jesus The KING of kings, and LORD of lords! ALL GLORY goes to HIM! :smiley:

Truly incredible

His message or testimony about Christ is a living message.

So sad :disappointed: :pensive:

Man, everything this guy says is the opposite of islam.
He makes stupid points about islam didn’t have this and that and it doesn’t make sense when its common teachings of Islam. Zero good reason to leave islam or accept Christianity. The devil already had his arms around you. Pity
I only hold pity towards you’re blindness

What funny video lol reading the Quran and then reverts lol it doesn’t make sense at all

I have parents who would be proud of me if I would score well in subjects not over a religion.

Don’t let the Muslims in Malaysia see you or you come to Malaysia, surely you will be killed? !!!

He is a lier who is doing acting, trying to make emaan of Muslims weak. But Muslims with strong emaan will not come in his words, inshAllah.

Amazing Grace of Jesus!:rose::rose:

Jesus bless you, dear nabeel!

Well, how many proves from Jesus, god you still needed, dear nabeel?!

Nabeel’s testimony is so powerful!!! This is what you can see in a person when you obey and let Christ to control over your life. Many people will open their hearts and eyes because of your testimony brother nabeel. We christians are grateful that you found yourself in truth we are grateful because we are saved by the grace of God. Hallelujah! We thank you Jesus! :100::heart: