Nabeel Qureshi, Muhammad, and Aisha

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I spent years discussing Christianity and Islam with my friend Nabeel Qureshi before he converted. Since I kept his written defenses of Muhammad, I thought it would be nice to share some of them. In this video, I share Nabeel’s defense of Muhammad’s relationship with Aisha.

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

when the prophets and apostles of the caliber of Muhammad SAW were transformed into human children, of course the ones he married were human children (virgins or widows)
how can there be a God like Jesus Christ incarnated into a human child instead of being married to a cross…
what is the cross of the opposite sex of a human child…
very tragic

To this day------deontay wilder

A pedophile is someone who abuses and hurts children.
Anything other than that for someone who is biologically a woman depends on time and place.

If God making a 15 year old pregnant to birth a messiah is not child abuse, then yall have double standards at best.

NOOO ITS AGE RESTRICTED… Cant watch since i havent given google my id… Any other way I could?

I believe in Bible is 1000 percent is true and David wood also really true his statement

And that’s how they claimed Rebekah was 3 yo when she was married to Isaac…

Aisha did NOT exist, she is a fictional character invented by Shia (to be the enemy of Ali). The Shia made Aisha fight Ali in battle of the camel . The Sunnis claimed that Aisha is the wife of Muhammad. Both Shia and Sunnah believed these 2 lies. After that a problem arose. The age of marriage of Aisha. Because the battle of the camel was at year 35H,while Muhammad died at year 11H. So in order for Aisha to fight Ali she must be (not so old) , so they made her marry the prophet as a child.

You’ve just made it sink for the first time in my mind since I became a Christian that being a witness to the risen Christ and being fishers of men is not something we will have fun participating in, it’s hard and tough work, someone put in the work that was needed to fish us out of the ocean and it is now our responsibility to do the same 14:43
Thanks The Dizzle, I don’t know if I spelled that right.

“What a guy” haha

Ohhh thats why i converted to islam because of this video imao

You know I am a muslim and since I have seen many videos like this I don’t want to defend my religion for some reason. I have to do salat 5 times a day and if I forget to do that my mother beats me but since I have started seeing these and started reading about evolution it made wonder what if my prohpet was wrong but I quickly put it aside but now I am sure he did a lot of terrible things and whenever I try to show this to someone I get silenced but seeing these I am not sure what to do anymore. Do I convert or do I stay with my religion. I am so confused.

Love you Mr. David Wood! Intelligent, funny, and BRAVE! Fantastic!:smiley:

Mr Wood , I have been watching all of ur videos and I tell u , everything u say is right, thanks Mr Wood .

Thats why i left the muslim faith. God/Allah speaked truth, i do not feel safe anymore with the muslim teachings. The haddith and Allah apart is worshipped differently. < In christian faith, 30 is the legal age to wed. In muslim 9 is the legal age. In our country, i grew up accustomed to this and its not human to let your child be molested by that age.

100 BC Roman law 12 years old

350 AD ST Augustine married a 10 years old

1396 King Richard II married a 7 year old

1791 Frances Napoleonic code meant you could marry at 11 years old

1880 USA you could marry at 7 years old

Before 1929 the church of england allowed marriage of 12 year olds.

The fact that at the headline that says ‘To be gentle and polite with people’: “We give a smile for some people while our hearts curse them”

Where is the love in that?? Why curse people?

The Lord teaches us how love each other, to forgive and reconcile. Jesus, please help them find Your mercy and light​:heart::latin_cross:

Fake News Lies & Blasphemies ! Instead of lying and bashing Islam why don’t you make videos about your own religion and leave our religion alone !