Nabeel Qureshi on Arab Festival 2010: Response to Mayor of Dearborn

Nabeel Qureshi

Yeah, things are really like that here. :sweat:

Woowwww first time watching the video!!! Crazy times and crazy religion “of peace”

stupid mayor and otger stupid liberals like him, fuck them!!!

Fuck nabeel hopes he burns in a place worse than hell

RIP Naneel. now I’m sure your hearing those words “welcome home my good and faithful servant”
You did so much bringing me to God’s word, thank you, God bless!

Ha ha you’re DEAD!

Guessing Dear Born’s Mr Mayor got bribed for good $$$ lol

Nabeel, may you rest in peace in the loving arms of Jesus Christ in heaven. David Wood is one of my Christian living hero for courageously defending the Christian faith to this day … Im sad that you are now gone but God in His wisdom knows what’s best. Jesus said, well done my good and faithful servant.‘’

Nabeel Qureshi, I was Christian raise but I knew that the christians who raised me up also sinned and went into dark, greedy, slothful place, they where also guilty of pridefulness and ect… When I got old enough to read the bible on my own to figure it out on my own, I when out into the woods alone with no other people. I asked what I considered my higher power of love and peace to help me understand these confusing word in my bible because I was only around 11-12 yrs old. I also read every other books of religion about other people and their cultures so that I could understand the world that I live in. I was born in 1968 and we were in the Vietnam war. I’m 50 yrs old now and all my life there has been nothing but death, lies, wars and profit mongers who thrive on destruction. Please keep up your work and the quality of your content. I found David Woods videos by accident one night and I very much liked them also. I hope you all at ACTS17APOLOGETICS are deeply blessed and able to let people world wide know how dangerous these Muslims and there religion of female slavery and death to their daughters is. I hope you can also let the world know that these muslims hate and want to destroy each and everyone of us who do not bow down and submit to their insanity! Much love to you brothers!! I have shared your videos with my 30yr old daughter, my 24 year old son and my 23 yr old daughter and of course my husband of 26 yrs. We truly HATE these muslims. They stand for everything that is against us, our, laws. and our rights. I know I’m probably a bad person for saying this but I wish a muslim targeting disease would infect them and they would ALL fall over dead!

Nabil Quraishi was a BIG TIME LIAR. He was not a Muslim in
the first place. He followed Qadiani a religion that has no connection with
Islam at all. He studied and made up all the stories pretended he knew a lot
about Islam. For the sake of what. Money, I guess. He may be paid or received
millions of moneys to talk about Islam where he was not a Muslim. He has no
right at all to talk about Islam because he was not a Muslim. For those who
like to know Islam, please watch this video Top American Surgeon embraced Islam - "I was trying very hard to be a Christian" - YouTube
and American Convert goes through JIHAD - "I lost my wife, house and guest house" - Dr. Laurence Brown - YouTube
and can read these books about Islam. Laurence B. Brown: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

My guess is that the Mayor, like many Western politicians, is being bought off by Arab Oil Money!! Perhaps the IRS should look into his personal finances.

BTW the Dearborn police Department’s officers should be ashamed of themselves, allowing this corrupt politician to use them in this way. I worked for the police and would have never obeyed an order that was against the Law or when it would have entailed me having to fill out false police reports to cover up what was done! They are a disgrace to their uniform!

Did that mayor lose his job

You need to sue take this to court make it a public matter everyone needs to know what is going on in this place this is not the religion of Peace this is a plane cut invasion just like Europe the politicians in the police that allow this behavior to happen should be unveiled to the public you have to bring public attention to this you have to there is no other way

burn in hell devil

When did JESUS CHRIST SAID HE IS GOD? LUKE 4 verse 12 the LORD JESUS CHRIST said to the devil DO NOT PUT THE LORD YOUR GOD TO THE TEST!YHWH in paleo hebrew means yod hey vaw hey in english means behold hands,behold nails! Jesus Christ of the bible is the way,the truth,and the life everlasting!

David please stop the Muslim man who are chosen by Muslim people in Dearborn to be mayer we don’t need sharia law in anywhere in us we are Christian country as our president said. Please fight against sharia law let our brothers and sisters in Christ know. Thank thank you for good job fighting false prophet Mohamad I am praying for you and your family. Ex Muslim

President Trump please help Michigan we don’t like this help us

O’Riley is piece of shit.

This Dearbornistan Mayor O’Reilly is well versed in Taqiyya. I wonder if he is collecting Jizzya tax at this time? He was still Mayor in Dec 2017 when he and his predominately muslim city was protesting President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. TRUMP 2020…God Bless President Trump!!!