Nabeel Qureshi on the Miraculous Quran: Embryology and Semen

Nabeel Qureshi offers a brief discussion of surah 86:6-7, a passage of the Qur’an which declares that semen is formed between the backbone and ribs. Nabeel’s discussion includes an analysis of some Muslim responses.

Now he’s coming towards the end of his channel. The old days.

Nabeel finally knows the truth, he tried denying it for years on this earth only to realize that he screwed up. He’s with Allah dealing with the consequences of his actions.

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There is a porr understanding from the verses from nabeel. ‘proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs’ is referring to the man when he is born. There is a progression in the surah from the beginning to the end of the the ‘mans’ earthly life. When the whole surah is read, this will be more clear.

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Date :- 31/12/2021

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Nabeel failed to disprove quran.thats why this video got only 25k views.thats not enough hey men bring out new false claims.

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Now where is Nabeel and what is the situation of David woods family.these two persons challenged Allah and Allah showed him signs of his power.

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Quran is preserved
Bible is corrupted

But the Bible isn’t scientifically accurate either . Also son of man = God himself isn’t that textual acrobatics ?