Nabeel Qureshi on the Miraculous Qur'an: Scientific Miracles

Nabeel Qureshi addresses the claim that there are scientific miracles in the Qur’an.

ты снёс их брат!

I feel condolences for him. Although I regret his decision to convert, but in my knowledge he was a smart young man, polite in arguments and never make fun of other religion including his former.

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Amazing revisiting Nabeel again

Clearly no scientific miracles in the Qu’ran.

This video although simple for 2020 viewers It’s very useful.

Sometimes I really miss Nabeel when I see his videos, he seemed like such a good and gentle soul, in him I saw how a true Christian looks like…

By now Nabeel has found out that what he believed and talked passionately about is true!!
I pray for David Wood.

RIP brother Nabeel. You are resting with the Lord in heaven.

God bless.

This is a very old video.

Miss you brother

Very nice

Came here after David wood’s channel crossed a million views. God bless them(•ω•)

Oh Nabeel, wish you were still here…but I KNOW you’re in an Awesome place.

I miss Nabeel. :frowning:

Yap…I came to watch this video after watching D Wood’s video on reaching 100 Million views. Gosh…Nabeel…you were surely anointed. Rest in peace brother. He loves you more than we do. Now you are united with Him.

I love seeing these early videos. It’s so nice to see our brother Nabeel’s face again.

Wow, just 73 comments after 10 years? Today, Acts17 videos get that in the first 5 minutes… Some really good points here. Nabeel truly had a gift for explaining his argument in a way that is easy to understand.