Nabeel's Birthday Is Today!

Today is Nabeel Qureshi’s birthday! We’re going to play one of his talks, and I’ll do a livestream with Mark Mittelberg.

Here’s a link to Nabeel’s talk, which will premiere at 8:00pm (Eastern Time) on Saturday, April 13th: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: The Christian Testimony of Nabeel Qureshi - YouTube

Here’s a link to the livestream at 10:00pm: - YouTube

who cares if it is his birthda who cares he is dead buning

Happy birthday Nabeel

He did so many wonderful things for my journey to Jesus Christ. He was really someone different. Amazing man. With good easy logic which made me understand very well.

Psalms 22 is talking about Jesus Christ, who says the Old Testament doesn’t foreshadow the coming of the messiah our Lord and Savior, the Jews are blind as bats

thank you so much for your service and courage! our Lord may bless you and your family rich!

He is missed and leaves a great legacy-thank you for posting.

Happy birthday o7 F

I believe he is in heaven with jesus christ

Jesus saved me from new age spirituality in December 2018, at that time I was completely oppressed by the enemy ,I was owned. I had no idea of what I was getting involved in as they always spoke about Jesus and love etc etc… all I can say is the level of deception is astronomical and personally I believe will be a factor in the end time that is fast approaching. I’d need to write a book to expose what they are teaching in that spiritual world so other Christians could grasp it. After my conversion through Jesus Christ I came across nabeel and have watched his talks almost on a daily basis since, his explanation of the trinity and the gospel is unbelievable. Fast forward a few weeks and at my church I had a guy give me a phone number of an ex Muslim apologist in the Uk , so I called him and we spoke and he was actually a friend of nabeels they would meet regularly when he was studying in Oxford. I just thought wow this great man of God is still preaching the gospel to me without him being physically with us anymore. The impact he has had on my journey has been so deep, I think of him often so often actually and with God’s grace when Jesus comes for me I can give nabeel my thanks in person in the presence of our lord and savior

Very well done Dr DW. Amen! My mum says, ‘When we sleep, the only untampered part of us we leave behind is our character.’ Nabeel is at rest until the second coming of Christ. Until then let us keep him alive in our hearts and let his ministry continue as his legacy.

God bless u nabeel

Nabeel we miss you, but you lead many to Truth, so you have the great reward in Heaven. God bless Michael and Aaya.

The bible is just a fiction. Wake up idiot.

Happy bday

ILove you Nabeel :pray:t2::100: AND DAVID together WHITH APO prophet

David Wood, your videos are informative. As a Chrstian beware of mocking others while teaching. This is a Spirit of pride and not a fruit of the Spirit. Your work helps so many from death to life. Thank you for you comedic presentations they are good sometimes I laugh to hard but I am a man that has been in the gutters of this world and back. I have seen believers lured into the tunnels of hell and to inform man to be careful as a servant of Christ becareful to present your comedy in the method presented to us in the bible by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Satans a deciever and so are his prophets. Michael the arch angel regarding the body of Moses told Satan ‘The Lord Rebuke you!’ Be strong David… beloved of God…Be strong in your weakness relying on the Holy Spirit and not in the methods of power or human wisdom.

Seems that was advertiser friendly. Though I’m pretty sure YouTube puts ads on mostly everything and just lies to you.

You’re the best kind of friend, David. Really, it’s we who suffer loss. Perhaps, the best tribute we can pay him is to acknowledge his inheritance.

Happy birthday Nabeel. God bless you brother.