Nadir Ahmed vs. David Wood (3 of 3): "Does Islam Promote Violence Towards Non-Muslims?"

The Qur’an commands Muslims to fight non-Muslims (9:29, 9:73, 9:123). Can Muslim apologists defend Allah’s violent commands? David Wood and Nadir Ahmed debate the evidence.

How D.wood sat through all that with a straight face is a mystery on its own

nadir is superior than allah and muhammad


once again david, once again.
bravo david.

1400 years islam vs the rest of the world a never ending war

I wana punch nadir face for his stupidity

Noooo some people of islam condemn violence you are right but thats not the topic

this is the guy that agrees that muhammed had sex with a sheep

Nadir is a circus freak, no Brain. I like intelligent debate.

My 10 years old son can understand better than Nadir Oh Muslims what embarrassing

Nadir is learning the Koran. His brain is starting to work. . He calls bad good. He has his brain useless.

i just seen the debate with apostaste prophet and nadir. nadir is worse in debating he should retire.

Is he saying we have to accept it because he is saying the same thing over and over again? Lol what a weak argument

israel is no an arabe land …they also claim north africa as an arab land.

you cant debate with muslims …too thick and lie a lot


What a joke clown is nadir The idiot he thinks he won the debate
Wauw terrific debate with nadir the looser. Congrats David for your strong argument.

It is one thing to follow a pattern whose background is laid with LIES, but the worst is to defend the claims of the LIES you followed with another set of LIES as against what the sources of those LIES claimed, especially when those areas are pointed out to you from different sources which you based your belief upon. Am not surprise though, the debate was over from the inception anyway. David only soften the pedal because I believe he further didn’t find it necessary to continue a war he already won before it even began. And if you follow lies and defend the lies by going contrary to what the core tenet of your belief system says as Nadir Ahmed was seen portraying here, then you are worse than the lies you belief, you are worse than being called a liar. That is the definition of Nadir Ahmed.

If this Muslim is the example for all other followers of islam to adhere to then after this debate muslims must be converting over to Christianity right now by the thousands.