Nahed Hattar: Killed for a Cartoon (David Wood)

Nahed Hattar (ناهض حتر‎‎) was raised as a Christian in Jordan—though he considered himself an atheist. He was recently shot and killed by a Muslim imam for sharing a cartoon mocking the Islamic view of paradise. The cartoon features a jihadi in bed with two of his houris (the virgins Muslim men get to spend eternity deflowering in Jannah).

In the cartoon, Allah says: “Good evening, Abu Saleh. Do you need anything?” The jihadi replies: “Yes Lord, get me a glass of wine and tell Gabriel to bring me some cashews. After that, send me an immortal servant to clean the floor, and take the empty plates with you. Don’t forget to put a door on the tent so that you knock before you enter next time, Your Glory.”

Hattar was arrested for insulting Islam, even though he apologized and said that he was only making fun of ISIS. Following his arrest, he requested security to protect him, but his request was denied. He was subsequently shot to death outside the courthouse.

Westernized Muslims are now insisting that the cartoon Hattar shared has nothing to do with Islam, and that the view of paradise the cartoon mocks is the view of ISIS, not of Muhammad.

In this video, David Wood goes through Islam’s most trusted sources, to see if Muhammad’s view of paradise is different from that of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

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Irritating and disgusting. Wife of his adopted son?

The coomer religion

David wood is a hero one of the very few that denounce killings that media and goberments fear to speakout

Thanks Jesus Christ Latin America hasn’t been spoiled with the muslim influence

thank you David Wood,for opening the eyes of the blind. I believe any Muslim who is educated ,after seeing or reading this, will immediately leave Islam. Only the illiterate and backward who have nothing in their heads would stick with Islam. This clearly shows us the countries that live Islamic life. Instead of developing, they live like in the Stone Age.

Hindu religion is the best for all humankind …first study and then accept our religion. Women are goddesses, nobody can’t touch their bodies without any reason.

How did this graphic book pass as a holy book?

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Mr Woods explain how u would have virgins without your body. You left your mortal remains on earth

If you truly believed in God, you would see that the cartoon was a blasphemy against God not otherwise.

Thanks David wood

Great job
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“Jannah” sounds almost like “gehenna”…

thats a great example of how peaceful they claim to be… hahaha

Muslims living in Europe do not know that the Prophet Muhammad used to kill every person who criticized him, and on one occasion, the Prophet Muhammad cut a woman in half because he criticized him

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How can Muslims not see this is a man-made religion?? It’s so clear that it is mind boggling!!
Unless of course during their services which separate women from men, women get read some niceish verses while men get read these abhorrent verses!! Oh the devil is so deceitful! And how Jesus warned of that!!