New Book: Our God is Triune (Anthony Rogers, Vocab Malone, Edward Dalcour, and Others)

Anthony Rogers has copies of the book “Our God Is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology,” which he and several others contributed to. For those who would like a copy, Anthony explains how to get a discount.

The most important point to the Trinity is its historical development, which is obviously missing in your book. New evidence destroys the Trinity doctrine as being a biblical doctrine. It developed in the first century by a certain Jewish Greek philosopher by the name of Philo of Alexandria. There is solid evidence that leads to a factual defense of a pagan trinity disguised today as Christian doctrine.

This is the usual heresy. Elohim is echad. And ‘echad’ is not a compound unity. The Christian spin on this is without end.

The doctrine known as Oneness can be stated in two affirmations:
(1) There is one God with no distinction of persons;
(2) Jesus Christ is all the fullness of the Godhead incarnate.
(Excerpt from “The Oneness View of Jesus Christ” by Reverend David K. Bernard; Chapter 1)

There is only one God.

1 Timothy 3:16 King James Version (KJV)
16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

Only GOD is mentioned in this scripture. God was manifest in the flesh. Timothy understood that Jesus is God.

Why does this verse use a plural pronoun for God? Before we answer this, let us note that the Bible uses singular pronouns to refer to God hundreds of times. The very next verse uses the singular to show how God fulfilled verse 26: “So God created man in his own image” (Genesis 1:27). Genesis 2:7 says, “And the LORD God formed man.” We must therefore reconcile the plural in 1:26 with the singular in 1:27 and 2:7. We must also look at God’s image creature, which is man. Regardless of how we identify the various components that make up a man, a man definitely has one personality and will. He is one person in every way. This indicates that the Creator in whose image man was made is also one being with one personality and will.

Any interpretation of Genesis 1:26 that permits the existence of more than one person of God runs into severe difficulties. Isaiah 44:24 says the LORD created the heavens alone and created the earth by Himself. There was only one Creator according to Malachi 2:10. Furthermore, if the plural in Genesis 1:26 refers to the Son of God, how do we reconcile this with the scriptural record that the Son was not born until at least four thousand years later in Bethlehem? The Son was made of a woman (Galatians 4:4); if the Son was present in the beginning who was His mother? If the Son be a spirit being, who was His spirit mother?

Since Genesis 1:26 cannot mean two or more persons in the Godhead, what does it mean? The Jews have traditionally interpreted it to mean that God talked to the angels at creation.2 This does not imply that the angels actually took part in creation but that God informed them of His plans and solicited their comments out of courtesy and respect. On at least one other occasion God talked to the angels and requested their opinions in formulating His plans (I Kings 22:19-22). We do know that the angels were present at the creation (Job 38:4-7).

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I have purchased the book I’m so excited. Anthony do you have a Patreon account?

The doctrine of the Trinity is the most important doctrine in the Bible. Everything flows from it. We need more books on this vital topic. BTW, Calvin’s institutes Book 1, Chapter 13 is the best exposition of the Trinity, I have ever come across.

1 x 1 x 1 = 1
The concept of multiple is different from that of addition. The persons of the Son and the Spirit are not “additions” to the person of the Father, but multiplications.

Multiplying by 1 is the unity for multiplication, meaning if you multiply by one you get the same thing. Thus, the Unity of God is not affected by the Holy Trinity.

The three hypostases revealed in the Bible: "All that belongs to the FATHER is mine. That is why I said the SPIRIT will receive from ME what he will make known to you”. John 16:15

Father, Spirit, Son = GOD

There is no trinity, it is made up stuff by the Holy Roman Empire, after they had done there best to Eradicate the true church, is why the RCC has their own Bible, because the do not line up with the prophecies of old, , and the church is built on the foundation of the prophets and the apostles and they both believe Hear o Israel the Lord our God is one Lord, if you believe the trinity you are Catholic, The Bible speaks of her in the book of Revelation calling her the great whore or the mother of harlots meaning of that mother and daughter holds to the same doctrine, the TRINITY

There is no scripual proof of a trinity, this has been known for over 1000 years. That concept is pagan and was introduced more than 300 years after Christ died at the council of Nicea Asia minor.

This youtube video says allah is the deciever of the world

Thank you. I will be purchasing this book.

God Bless You

Is it biblically wrong to say that God knows all the possible choices we are going to pick in the future (since he can know all that can be known) but not which decision we pick since it is impossible to know what can’t be known? Then that begs the question of since God is unchanging, how would our decisions effect him since he has new knowledge (or is unchanging his personality)


Amazing work. Amen

I’ve never seen the Trinity in the Bible, but I have seen the oneness of God. Jesus is God manifested in the flesh. The flesh was the vail, Jesus is the image of the invisible God. Trinity man-made oneness came from the word of God hear oh Israel the Lord our God is one lord. No God formed before or after, God knows of no other. His glory will he not share with another. I alone am your Saviour. Jesus fully God and man. A man in the flesh God in the spirit.

There is islamic dilemma - if Bible is false, then koran is false, because it is trying to be based on Bible, if not - koran is false too. And if Bible is not false - then koran STILL false, because koran contradicts the Bible. And here is another dilemma: we (me and He), with Holy Spirit, invented an TRINITERIAN dilemma for muslims who deny Trinity, here it is:

Make muslim explain Trinity HIM/HERSELF, how he/she thinks it is being explained. And there are 2 options. First: they explain incorrectly. Means they don’t know what Trinity is, and whatever they say - they cannot critique something they don’t know what it is. Perioud. Here also needs to be steady, not to let them change that position, because they can’t. So - we explaining what Trinity is here.

Second option: muslim (typical pagan, no need to name then specfically, no matter how they name themselves - they are sinners and pagans) explain Trinity correctly. NOW, if they explain correctly - they have to UNDERSTAND that Jesus is God, and there is only One God, but He is Trinity, and God, Son of God, Spirit of God - are one same God.
If they deny that - means they STILL don’t understand what Trinity is, and we go to first option. Also stay to this position and don’t let then go away from it.

So this is a dilemma: either you understadn what Trinity is and they you HAVE to accept that christrian worship one God, and that Jesus is God, OR they don’t get Trinity and they cannot deny or critique what they cannot understand. It is UNSOLVEABLE.

Remember it and use it, God bless you all, church of Christ. And remember - polytheism is NOT paganism, there are pagan monotheists, that you believe in one, but false deity, does not make you better than others - you are pagan. And if your deity contradicts the Bible or God of the Bible - means it is some other god, again - you’re pagan.

I’m so tired of those who hate Trinity. No Trinity - no salvation. You are sinners and going to die, no God died for you, no sins erased, God hate sin, penalty for sin is death, sinner won’t enter Heaven.

Denying Trinity is denying God, because this is His qualities, He Is Who He Is, not the one YOU want Him to be. This is also qualities of whole creation and universe so denying that is denying complixity of things.

And stop saying that God is One… BECAUSE GOD IS ONE, stop screaming about it, He is one, yeas, good morning, thank you, Jesus is SAME God, not some other god, Holy Spirit IS God. How can God, Son of God, Spirit of God be different gods, if they are all of one and one same God?

Don’t waste your life because of your stupidity, egoism and denial, only God says what and who He is, not some man claiming to be prophet, contradicting everything and never did a single miracle. Miracles done by God, no miracles - no God. Jesus is God, Jesus is Father.

A bit pricey for a paperback. But I will probably buy it at one point.