*NEW* Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq SLAMS Islam's Greatest Scholars! (With David Wood at Balboa Park!)

Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq (One Message Foundation) throws more Islamic scholars under the bus than any other da-ee in history. In this discussion with David Wood, Sheikh Uthman blasts Abul A’la Maududi, one of the most respected Sunni scholars of the twentieth century. As usual, our Muslim friends keep cheering for Shaykh Uthman as he plows through the foundations of orthodox Islam! Go, Shaykh!

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Abul A’la Maududi was one of the most respected Muslim scholars of the twentieth century. He wrote 73 books, gave more than 1000 speeches, and founded the organization Jamaat-i-Islami. According to Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq, however, Maududi was a barely educated moron. Welcome to the New Islam, where past generations of scholars are thrown under the bus by the new da’ees!

Uthman won, gg

I thought it’s haram to take pictures David :thinking::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl: footnote pinocchio cannot stop lying :lying_face::lying_face::lying_face::lying_face:

Stop embarrassing ur self daivd

Hard to argue with someone believes in 3 gods are 1 , Sheik Othman trust me you are wasting your time with this person , he does want to learn he wants only attack islam

They lie so much. No college no salvation. Really…


Thanks David I was a Muslim before I watched this now I’m even a stronger Muslim alhumdulilah

Let me explain, let me explain that’s all he can say…


YouTube is Davidwoods only job :sweat_smile:so he had to do this eventhough he is not having any strong point to prove islam is false, It’s ok David,we Muslim’s love you , u helped us a lot :joy:

dear brother next time please dont use the exceuse of “random site”, because if he finally comes up with a book then youre done. masyaallah.

When ever I watch Sheikh Uthman and Wood I always remember the saying
“You can beat 40 scholars with one fact, but you can’t beat one idiot with 40 facts.”

Moududi was not a scholar

This Shaikh is a real Scholar. Actual knowledgeable

Dont miss 1:13:45to 1:14:15 because all the moral of vedeo at the right time. Watch face of david. And the mistakes which david follows google

The real vedeo of this topic with full evedences your all can watch in page of uthman
One message foundation

Thanks david by your attack islam with polivcy of you to make contain. Many people accept islam keep it up

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved.