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In a video testimony about Wood’s conversion to Christianity he has stated that he was an atheist[2] in his youth, and that he had run-ins with the law by breaking into homes and later went as far as smashing his father’s head in at the age of 18 in an attempt on his life, claiming a belief that morality was merely societal rules that were beneath him.[7][8][9] He also said that after the assault on his father, Wood was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy) and was sentenced to ten years in prison for malicious wounding. While in prison, he said, he was confronted with a fellow prisoner named Randy[9] who was a devout Christian. Wood said he often challenged Randy’s Christian beliefs, initially claiming that Randy was only a Christian because he was born into a primarily Christian society, specifically the United States.[8] Wood stated that, while in prison, he and Randy frequently fasted, with Wood attempting to “beat” Randy at fasting, which eventually resulted in Wood being placed into solitary confinement under observation due to concerns over Wood potentially attempting to commit suicide by starvation. During this time, he began to read the Bible and participate in various Bible study programs in order to respond to Randy’s rebuttals (thus “beating” him) but it eventually led Wood to convert to Christianity in 1996.[9]

Oh, I didn’t know John/jon was getting demonitized on his videos, too. That’s too bad

For “Trust and Safety” you should have someone else be David Wood making videos (But it’s not David Wood) and they say the same thing David does in his videos. Maybe Sam Shamoun could play David and David could play Sam Shamoun. That would be hilarious. And the Isis guy is freaking out while lightly tapping the keyboard with a machette to demonetize and take down videos while shouting “Alahu Akbar!” All the while, Jon(the Christian) is like what the heck is happening?

LOL I remember when Vocab cut his hand. Can’t believe that was a year ago. Man time flys!

26:33 Get that pizza out of the oven Vocab! lol! Love you guys.

Demon’etize video, so no ads will run, so I don’t have to buy youtube premium.
Not that I would, but it’s still funny.

:muscle::muscle: tick tock time to rock love it​:two_hearts:

God bless you Paul of 20th century.

Fwd request from Hjørnesparket-Islams sande DNA.

On the “Holes in the Standard Narrative” on the preservation of the Quran, Muslim scholars and thinkers have now moved the goalpost from “Perfect Preservation of the Quran” to “Dynamic Preservation of the Quran”. What does “Dynamic Preservation of the Quran” mean? It means there is a “Perfectly Preserved Quran” in Paradise that is un-created and eternal. But however, this “Perfectly Preserved Quran” becomes standard (uniform, or identical) to whatever Quran that a believer (Muslim) accepts on earth as Allah’s guidance for him. Yasir Qadhi explained the “Dynamic Preservation of the Quran” this way: “They are all the Quran.”

Brilliant guys

Apparently Boats for Jon is like airplanes for BA Baracus?

I would be glad to translate your videos in my mothertongue Spanish :muscle:t2:

Happy New Year to ever one

And also he’s proud of that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: reply if seen my comment

Hey bro I posted a comment on the Mohamad hijab YouTube saying that they are like hypocritic and have ego inside to prove their religion is superior and they kill the people h
Who leave their religion but YouTube took it down

May Y’all Have A Very Blessed and the Best New Year Yet :two_hearts: Love Prayers :pray:t3::pray:t2::pray:t4::pray:t5::pray:t6: and God Bless You and Yours :tada::dove::rainbow::latin_cross::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::partying_face:

May Allah guide all the sincere seekers to the straight path

I think 2021 is the right pathway to push and tells every denomonated Church to choose preaching Gospel through apologetic polemic response muslims, so online and offline, one Christens just shared gospel to one muslims in view polemic apologetic response, we have more than 3 Billion Christens, if we work together I am sure 70% muslims that categories as muslim general will be leave islam asap