New Year's Party with David Wood and Vocab Malone! (10:00pm ET until 2020!)

David Wood and Vocab Malone will be LIVE at 10:00pm (Eastern Time) until we hit 2020! Join the party!

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You guys are too funny. I’m glad you guys had a great new year !! Amen ! Your half dollar bald spot is too funny.

News Year is pagan

Just before 19 minutes vocab : "…that’s never happened before… ". We’re so glad to hear that you haven’t crashed a death star and cut yourself TWICE! happy New year to you!

Im rocking a rabbi/Rasputin level beard…when ever i wear my sunglasses people call me ZZ-top :sunglasses:

Highlight the fart in a mosque episode!

Idea for boom boom room. Mark next ones as prequels.

Alcohol sucks

I didn’t realize you had a show. I watched the Steve Harvey show a little bit. :joy::joy: Happy New Year!

Happy new year.
Peace be upon me… and you.

Talking trash about muslims and Islam doesn’t make ur religion true man .get a life.

You got identical glasses

Islamasize me? Hahaha! And I call the long-bearders patriarchs. And hey. Some awesome Russians have their beards grow side to side on purpose. It looks awesome.
Careless whispers??? Hahahaha!

I never know who to love best!

Update on the brother Manny, is at 21:40. Thank God. Praying.

Jesus Christ, Creator of all things, the Word made flesh, came to earth, died on the cross, bearing the sins of mankind, was buried, and rose again the third day according to scripture. Salvation cannot be earned or lost, under any circumstances. It is a free gift, received by grace through faith alone. I appreciate and enjoy all the apologetics you guys both do in the field! I do pray Vocab will one day leave all that reformed theology in the dust tho😄 tulip=nice flower, bad doctrine. Still love um tho😄 grace and peace from Milwaukee, WI.

Your Channel is Great

Happy New Year guys, I hope you are all blessed and let us make it a productive and blessed one at that! David, I hope your brother is doing okay and will be healed for this year.

Silly Vocab. The ability to destroy mason jars is insignificant next to the power of the force.