New York Times Blames Christians for U.S. Coronavirus Outbreak

The New York Times recently blasted Evangelical Christians in an article titled: “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals.” The article was quickly retitled: “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response.” The author, Katherine Stewart, insists that science-denying Evangelical Christians have convinced President Donald Trump and other leaders to ignore hard scientific evidence in responding to Coronavirus. Does Stewart have a case that “science denialism” is "crippling our Coronavirus response, or is the New York Times publishing more conspiracy-laden fake news? Can a recent poll on social distancing shed some light here? David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) discusses the issue.

Original New York Times article by Katherine Stewart: Opinion | The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response - The New York Times

Response by Timothy Carney (Washington Examiner): Mike Pence | Washington Examiner

Poll on social distancing:

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Journalists keep whining about people not trusting them. Simultaneously, journalists keep writing nonsense that convinces people not to trust them. What a beautiful spiral we get to watch!

And now Islam is saying the same. NYT is on their side, apparently.

They shouldn’t be called journalist, these days they are literally compromised writers who use their positions in a fake system to push propaganda against a race a religion. They are miserable people because they can’t write what the real news stories are because they have sold themselves out to America’s enemies. All of our media is garbage!

I missed this when it came out. Saw today for the first time. It’s true there’s a media bias against Christians (and a fear of Muslim retribution if they treated all religions how they treat Christians) but now the stats seem to be pointing to white evangelicals not wanting to get vaccinated. So perhaps the article was somewhat prescient about how 2021 was going to be. I’m sure I will raise the ire here among some, but I’ve been very disappointed at how vaccine misinformation has been spread by tons of churches and preachers, denying science after all, yet running to the hospitals when they get sick, rejecting the very vaccine that Trump himself made possible and also accepted for his own health (and he did show an awful lot of disregard for proper covid protocols last year before he was hospitalized himself. But that’s just Trump being Trump). My opinions here have not come from the media. Sadly they have come from my personal acquaintances across the country who share my Evangelical faith but stopped thinking critically and started listening to QAnon and other nonsense spewed by false prophets in the church. This nonsense has now killed people. Thousands of them. Apparently the media bias has chased the church camp from the ditch of leftist bias to the waiting arms of another ditch of folly and charlatans by shutting their ears to trustworthy information and choosing to follow the mystical gnostic forces flowing through the church right now. I should say the Social Media Church. And sad to say there are concerning Christian nationalist forces that would rather go back to the middle ages and shelve the US Constitution. In fact some of those Christian nationalists are sounding and acting an awful lot like Islamic radicalized jihadis. And that’s mainly because they’re being completely unbiblical in their theology and thinking. Research the New Apostolic Reformation.

It’s all donny’s fault! To be expected.

Nero and the Burning of Rome all over again. And it’s getting old

NYT is Stupid

This aged like milk XD

Western journalists and politicians will say anything for the money they receive from oil rich Muslim countries.

This is complete evidence that New York Times is Leftist media

Except Trump’s response to COVID has been better than another leader…

This is a shadow of things to come !

Opinion piece is not news. It is like your youtube posts: opinions.

Unfortunately there is lots of morons that didnt and still dont take Corona virus seriously.

FInally comments not being rude to muslims

DAVID WOOD your fake new loser

She is a Theorist of “Shariah is Coming”. That tells it all.

Four months later and the articles don’t sound so far-fetched. One school principal in the south who was confronted for not wearing a mask replied that she wasn’t worried because she is shielded by God. The vast majority of anti-maskers are conservatives fighting whatever stupid cultural war they’re fighting. I notice you don’t hold any of them to task (since they are, of course, your viewers).

Trump for president