New York's War on the Unborn (Discussion with Karen Cross, National Right to Life)

Tonight at 6:00pm (Eastern Time), David Wood will be LIVE with Karen Cross (Political Director for National Right to Life) discussing New York’s massive abortion expansion.

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David Wood is RACIST to women!!

Are we really wondering why God is allowing us as a country to be circling the drain?? :sob::sob::sob::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

More & more wicked as the years pass :cry::cry::cry::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

I’ve watched several seasons of a show called “Long Lost Family” where birth parents and their adopted children are reunited through research in DNA databases. It is usually very heartwarming to see these people hugging and crying for the first time and the adult child usually says “Thank You” to the birth mother. I don’t think they are just saying “Thank you for giving me the opportunity for a better life through adoption.” I think they are also saying, “Thank you for not aborting me.”

I think of abortion according to an analogy. Suppose you are told that behind a certain door there is either a manikin or a real person. Suppose the front of the door, which you can see, has an outline of a person, an outline showing exactly where the manikin or real person is standing. You are told further that if you fire a gun through that door at the point where the head of the manikin or person is, you will be saved a huge amount of trouble for the following 20 years. Your life will be much much easier for the next 20 years. So what kind of person is it who then decides to shoot through that door, even though a real person might be on the other side? The kind of person who, in order to have a more comfortable life, is willing to risk becoming a murderer. And if behind the door it turns out there is a real person who is killed by the bullet, what would the shooter be guilty of? I mean a shooter who fired through the door even while knowing the odds are, say, 50-50 that a real person, not a manikin, is behind the door? what would the law call such a killing? Reckless endangerment leading to the death of a human being? Negligent homicide? All those people who claim to know that the fetus is not a person do not in fact really know that, because “personhood” is not a physically observable characteristic. Physical science is not really in a position to say yes or no about whether or not the characteristic of “personhood” is present. But it either is or is not present. The truth is not whatever you want it to be. And if one must be at least agnostic about the personhood of the fetus, killing the fetus seems like criminal recklessness.

There is high level witchcraft going on. Just as passing children through the fire in the Old testament.

Abortion is wrong they are using their blood for satanic sacrifices. Why would a mother kill her own baby if demons are not involved? Whether you like it or not truth is not subjective to you, you are subjective to truth!!!

love this!

Satan was cast out of heaven because he wanted to be like God and usurp God’s authority. God made man in his own image to love, rule and have fellowship with. It is my belief that satan is subsequently envious of mankind and is doing everything in his power to destroy our fellowship with God. I view abortion as a satanic attack from the pit of hell. Satanic ideology is leading politicians to believe that earth is overpopulated and newborn babies are a threat to mankind. Prince Philip once stated that if he were reincarnated, he would come back as a deadly virus to reduce the worlds population! I believe God has and will provide for EVERY baby/human born on this earth. Even so come LORD Jesus.

Question…does the father of the unborn baby have ANY rights or say in the matter of abortion??

Now I understand why God allowed 9/11 to occur in New York! Beware New York…God will not be mocked…the fullness of his wrath is yet to come!

Thanks for doing a video on this. God bless to both of you!

So they rebuild the twin towers where thousands of people died in a terrorist attack they light up the spire to celebrate killing innocent people through abortion (more people have been killed from that), and celebrate a law that makes it easier. Height of hypocrisy and godlessness. NY repent! You need Jesus!

Please dont get pregnant if u r not ready to have the baby. There r so many contraceptives procedure u can use.

Hi Dr David​:fist::heart:

My husband and I lost our daughter in the womb at 38 weeks pregnant I went to the hospital in labor thinking I was going to bring my daughter home but her heart had stopped beating so she was stillborn. That was the most traumatic experience my husband and I have ever experienced I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy I’m 22 weeks pregnant again with another little girl and I have terrible anxiety and fear PTSD from losing our first daughter I cannot understand why anyone would do that to themselves on purpose. My God people even if your and atheist it makes no sense to kill you’re own child I don’t know of a single woman who has had an abortion who isn’t eventually traumatized by it never mind the fact your taking that little baby’s right to life away. God help us

Great conversation!. I was with abortion for a period of time then after further research,abortion started to sound like murder.
A video request for Mr David about Numbers chapter 5 of the Old Testament verses 11-31.

I am so glad Mary did not have an abortion.

Yes at 50 minutes 32 seconds something else that these beautiful little human beings have is DNA.

So i thought this human DNA proves that these little beings are HUMAN.

Many say that these aren’t human beings until they are born.
I beg to differ, if there is human DNA, there is a human being.