New Zealand Mosque Leader Blames Jews for Christchurch Terror Attack (David Wood)

Following the New Zealand mosque attacks in Christchurch, mosque leader Ahmed Bhamji claimed at the “Love Aotearoa, Hate Racism” rally that Mossad (Israel’s national intelligence agency) was behind the NZ shooting, and that local Jewish businesses were funding terrorist Brenton Tarrant. Since Ahmed Bhamji is a prominent Muslim leader, and even hosted Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at his Masjid e Umar, shouldn’t New Zealand Muslims and especially Prime Minister Ardern be publicly condemning Bhamji’s statements? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Did you catch the part where Muhammad said that he wanted ONLY Muslims in his nation? More on Muhammad’s “Muslim Nationalism” here: - YouTube

Stop dictator Adern!

Stupid world

This woman is nuts and how can jews attack a church when their God is our God except for their faith is not in Jesus but their father is Yawh and ours too and that is the causality. They read the Old Testament and follow the 10 commandment just like us except for their faith away from the gospel

She’s a pandering buffoon.

  1. means whoever denies god
  2. prophecy that the antichrist will have jewish supporters.

It was a church before recently converted to mosque so, some people still keeping hatred and they were sponsored this attack.

Well Mossad is not “the jews” .

your involved i see the evil in peoples minds

Jacinda is the worst prime minister in NZ history.

Jacinda Hitler is making NZ a living hell.

70 mosques in new zealand…many are ex churches…nz is already doomed, the people od nz willingly support islam.

Blame Mohammed’s :goat: goat wife

One serious serial liar. From day 1 and doesn’t stop .
Quietly closed a 2 or so year investigation of 2 members of one the chch mosques radicalized and went to Syria to fight for isis and were killed .
Her quiet kind reasoning" its a sensitive time for the mosques so its best close the inquiry . The media didn’t really take on it .

Islam was created by satan as a response to what Jesus did on the Cross. After Jesus has obtained back dominion over the earth, which Adam and Eve lost, back from satan and also all dominion in heaven, satan’s last attempt to thwart God’s plan and mislead humanity was by creating islam through muhammad, which is why islam was designed with ideology focused on persecuting God’s people, the Christians and Jews. Moreover, he established that horrible false religion in the territories surrounding Israel same as he did with the canaanites and nephilim back in the day as well as set up a mosque in the place where Jesus will return and rule. Islam is the legs of iron in Daniel 2 and the 4th beast in Daniel 7 from which the antichrist will come.

Still up the tree - thinking …

Last night I reposted my comments defending Isreal and Jews in general and once again youtube shows BIAS in favor of RADICAL ISLAMIST that make ANTISEMITIC HATE SPEECH!

I’m glad I didn’t see this at the time. This depressing…

I’m pretty sure Mohammed was soooo jealous that Yahweh was getting all the praise for delivering Israel out of Egypt and come to be in human form and lay down his life as a payment for our sins, that he started forcibly converting people violently.