Nick Cannon, BLM, Redskins, Land O'Lakes, Confederate Statues: Discuss

Vocab Malone, Jon McCray (Whaddo You Meme??), David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics), and Adam Coleman (Tru-ID Apologetics) discussing Nick Cannon, Black Lives Matter, the Washington Redskins’ name change, Land O’Lakes, and the toppling of Confederate statues.

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Thanks, y’all! This was one of the more uplifting “race” talks I’ve heard and have added it to my playlist. I enjoyed hearing about the variety of ethnic backgrounds in y’all’s families. I"m Brazilian American and never realized I was “racially mixed” until moving to the US in middle school. (In Brazil a lot of people are a mix of Native American/African and European so I had never thought about my diverse racial background. It’s interesting to hear David talking about how in the future we may all be “mixed” here in the US too.) I also loved what Jon said that our identity must primarily be in Christ. Regardless of melanin etc, we are brothers and sisters in Christ!

The funniest part is that, actually, everybody has the same amount of melanin lmao. Black ppl just have a different kind of melanin. ‏Black ppl have eumelanin while white ppl have predominantly pheomelanin

I view racism as hating another racial group and ethnicism the hate of a specific ethnicity.
Now I’m not a racist but definitely am an ethnic preservationist because unlike single culture majority countries like the the USA or England, we have cultures that are incompatible with each other and i believe in the preservation of these cultures as i belong to two “threatened” ethnic groups (I’m of Norwegian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Ashkenazi and Sephardic, Berber, and Arabic ancestry), Afrikaaner-Jew I speak Jood-Afrikaans a mixture of Yiddish, Afrikaans, Ladino, and Hebrew. There are very few of us left in the world so we marry Afrikaans, Jewish and Middle Eastern people to preserve our culture we observe both Afrikaans and Kosher traditions which is incompatible with the surrounding cultures who love their pig sausages called russians, and other traditions. I have no problem if other people do whatever they want, but I do believe in the preservation of each culture on the planet as otherwise we loose that diverse beauty.

I’m white, and I experienced racism while on a trip to a club down in flint michigan many years ago. I was not Born Again at the time of course, but I remember the hateful looks from everyone stating around on the streets outside the club as I crossed the street. When I got there, the bouncers never even let me in, they said I needed 2 photo id’s. Today I realize and give thanks to God I was not allowed into that dark club where these people that gave me dirty looks were going to be in.

Not everyone had a Dad encouraging & influencing one in the right direction.

Oh no they found out my kryptonite melonin I’m melting I’m melting :joy:

This Ahmed dude in the live chat who keeps saying that racism started with the bible lol. He really doesn’t know anything about paganism apparently. Racism started with the founding myth and was present in paganism long before the bible was written. Genesis actually throws the founding myth on its head in many ways in order to do away with racism.

I am not worried about the Redskins renaming their team, I am very worried about and am watching this video because Allen’s confectionary company renamed their redskins (red raspberry-flavoured chewy confectionery)

You guys are awesome keep it up David & co . God bless you brother’s. :innocent::pray:t4::pray:t4:

The reason a lot of colored people from my parents country kinda mock christians of colour because they say its the same (mainly the RC) doctrine the white people used to controle their slaves. And they have a statue of a white blonde Jesus so people say they cant relate to Him…

Why does David Wood think it’s fine for white Americans to have their ethnic group hybridized out of existence? Did white Americans choose or want this fate for themselves or was it forced on them? Would other peoples, like the Chinese or Indians, embrace the same fate for their ethnic groups?

David ,I saw one of the debate with one Muslim guy he was mentioned about jeramia CHAPTER 8 verse8 ,kindly explain about that, as a Christian I would like to get the clarification ,praise the Lord Jesus christ

Nick Cannon is just mad cuz Eminem ruined his career

But the N word is common and socially acceptable among the black culture. I dont see a problem.

I believe Tomas Sowell made an attempt at separating racism types. Perhaps not as thorough, I think he only made 2 types

Was there Christianity prior to Mr Calvin. I’ll stick to the ancient Church, the Mother Church established by the Christ’s apostles and not by a guy in the 1500’s.

What a mess Quran is man written stolen words from Torah and Bible and name’s twisted put In Quran the Satan’s book it backfires on them so funny they are real messed up, makes no sense they can’t answer fantastic this is what Shaton intended todo, Mohammad on his dying bed didn’t know where he be tomorrow serves him right, Salvation is only through Jesus Christ :latin_cross:

What about “Torches of Freedom” Edward Bernays and the use of advertising to influence masses? This rainbow agenda started when Jesse Jackson was running for President and mounted The Rainbow Coalition. Your argument needs more meat. Too much fluff.

I find it puzzling that 4 so-called Christians thinks that talking and reason can stop what’s going on. Also, the absence of a biblical foundation here is disappointing. It would have been better to discuss how could so many groups unite in unbelief in such a coordinated way? The list of topic foretold in the Bible are so many that this discussion is tiring.