Nicolaus Copernicus vs. the New Atheists
The self-proclaimed “new atheists” insist that there is a hopeless conflict between science and religion. Yet the scientific revolution was pioneered by people who were devoutly religious. For instance, Nicolaus Copernicus, whose book “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres” generally marks the beginning of the scientific revolution, believed that understanding the universe was a form of worship. Ironically, it’s the new atheists whose faith keeps them from knowing the truth about science!

Repent of your sins and believe on Adonai Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved.

Jesus the Christ loves, praise YHWH our Elohim

Evidence for Jesus Christ’s existence, crucifixion, and disappearance from the grave (He rose from it):

The Lord Jesus Christ did exist, gathered disciples, and was crucified and went missing from the grave. To argue about wether He was taken from the grave or rose from it, is an argument a skeptic can make. Because well if you disregard the eye witness testimony of the disciples and there willingness to die for Christ, and humans won’t die for something they know is a lie, when Peter is pinned upside down to that cross, he could have said that it was a fake, but He didn’t because it wasn’t, what care would he have about death in this world if he knew for a fact he had assurance of a life in another, Jesus Christ did rise from the grave and is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Now the evidence for the Lord Jesus Christ’s existence really isn’t hard to find a multitude of non-Christian scholars and historians mention Him within 150 years after the time of His life. One such is Tacitus a Roman historian who reported on emperor nero’s decision to blame the Christians for the fire that had destroyed rome in 64 AD. Tacitus wrote:

“Nero fastened the guilt … on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of … Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judaea, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome…”

In this Tacitus makes reference to not only Christians, but Christ calling Him Christus and confirming the Gospels going on to say that He suffered the extreme penalty (crucifixion) under the reign of Tiberius and by the sentence of Pontius Pilate, which like I said confirms the Gospels narrative.
Another important source of evidence about Jesus and early Christianity can be found in the letters of Pliny the Younger to Emperor Trajan. Pliny was the Roman governor of Bithynia in Asia Minor. In one of his letters, dated around A.D. 112, he asks Trajan’s advice about the appropriate way to conduct legal proceedings against those accused of being Christians. Pliny says that he needed to consult the emperor about this issue because a great multitude of every age, class, and sex stood accused of Christianity. At one point in his letter, Pliny relates some of the information he has learned about these Christians:
“They were in the habit of meeting on a certain fixed day before it was light, when they sang in alternate verses a hymn to Christ, as to a god, and bound themselves by a solemn oath, not to any wicked deeds, but never to commit any fraud, theft or adultery, never to falsify their word, nor deny a trust when they should be called upon to deliver it up; after which it was their custom to separate, and then reassemble to partake of food – but food of an ordinary and innocent kind.”

This passage provides a number of interesting insights into the beliefs and practices of early Christians. First, we see that Christians regularly met on a certain fixed day for worship. Second, their worship was directed to Christ, demonstrating that they firmly believed in His divinity. Furthermore, one scholar interprets Pliny’s statement that hymns were sung to Christ, “as to a god”, as a reference to the rather distinctive fact that, “unlike other gods who were worshipped, Christ was a person who had lived on earth.” If this interpretation is correct, Pliny understood that Christians were worshipping an actual historical person as God! Of course, this agrees perfectly with the New Testament doctrine that Jesus was both God and man.

You may have heard of the scholar Flavius Josephus who mentioned James as being the brother of the Lord Jesus Christ, which matches what Paul said calling James “The Lord’s brother” and there is another document that Josephus may have written which goes:

“About this time there lived Jesus, a wise man, if indeed one ought to call him a man. For he … wrought surprising feats… He was the Christ. When Pilate …condemned him to be crucified, those who had . . . come to love him did not give up their affection for him. On the third day he appeared … restored to life… And the tribe of Christians … has … not disappeared.”

Now it’s up to debate wether this is the entirely original document of what Josephus wrote, or if a Christian had edited it. But regardless he wrote about the Lord Jesus Christ. Wether it was negative or positive like the possible document is. Anyways there are many other statements, documents, letters, and writings of all sorts from the ancient world talking about the Lord Jesus Christ and there is not one question if He was a real person or if He was crucified and went missing from the grave. That is clear as day, He is a real person, was crucified, and went missing from the grave. And He did rise from the grave. And for more evidence of the Lord Jesus Christ, there’s the Bible and you see there is no evidence the Bible is corrupted, a lie, created by the Roman government, folktale. It is the recount of the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, now wether you want to believe it is up to you. And what profit was there in spreading Christianity, All the early Christian suffered persecution, beatings, and were killed. Another Scholar reported that James the Lord’s Brother was thrown off a building and then stoned to death for spreading the Gospel in Jerusalem. These people went to great lengths even giving their own lives for Adonai Jesus the Christ.

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Astronomy was used by pagans throughout history to justify their sorcery!

I wonder why this is age restricted.

Why is this video age restricted?

this made me laugh so hard. such facts, put forth so clearly.
I wish I had MORE new atheist friends just so I could send this to them

And atheists call Christians stupid lol

How about this simple fact: when these important people were alive, everyone belived in a god. Most modern scientists dont belive in a god or they are agnostics. Einstein and hawking. 2 of the greatest minds of OUR time. With modern science, i cant see how people can still belive in a god.

what a weird thought. “we cant feel it moving.”
flat earth morons. you feel acceleration not motion.

Has David Wood ever debated Neil DeGrasse-Tyson? If so, I would love to see that. I’m pretty sure it would play out like “Scooby Doo and the Case of the Silly Skeptic”.

"Dogmatism is certainty without knowledge’. Robert Andrews Milllikan

Do we have to know every single inventor and their spiritual orientation?

Wait… doesn’t atheism means not believing in God??? Why are you being so degrading in this video. You’re making christianity looks like a cult.
I am an atheist in that I say that I don’t believe in God. And when you say that I am in denial, true… I am in denial, but what about you yourself? Resorting into believing something just because it is the easier path, and it makes you happy. I am not proud to call myself an atheist… and truthfully, I am scared to do so if there actually is a God. But even then, I cannot just believe that something is there if I don’t know it is there.

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Forger the new atheists
They bash Christians with savagery in the Bible.
Go and watch Apocalypto.
Or remember we just had a war with an Antichrist.
The Bible grew in savage times.What else is new?
How does this change The Ten Commandments or the Resurrection of Christ?

An athiest who believe God? common give me a break.

Poland and Polish people appreciate you mentioning a Polish scientist and historical figure. We also appreciate you fighting to protect Christianity and fight against Islam along with Muslims. Thank you for your pro Western and patriotic views, das goot.

How outta reality
They are
God is the only way

What a great video.