No Compulsion in Religion? An Examination of Quran 2:256 (Islam Critiqued)

When jihadis or critics of Islam quote the clear commands of Allah and Muhammad to violently subjugate the entire world, Muslim apologists point to Surah 2, verse 256 of the Quran, which asserts that “there is no compulsion in religion.” But does this verse mean what Westernized Muslims think that it means? Does Islam condemn violence and terrorism? Did Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, promote religious tolerance? The Islam Critiqued channel discusses the issue.

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This man knows more about Islam than any Muslim I have ever met lol

“Which religion is at the center of most of the civil wars in the world today? Which religion is at the center of most of the terrorism in the world today? Which religion is murdering young girls for learning to read in Afghanistan and Nigeria? Which religion is anti-civilization because it promotes rule by riots, mobs, and lynching parties? Which religion has devout members with worse virtues and morals than pirates and criminals? You get one guess.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

You guys remember that time when Jesus told us to do one thing, and then He did the opposite?.. No, me neither.

…3:00 … you are wrong on NO Compulsion… Arabic says that you can not prevent Jews to convert to Islam… or in other words you cannot force children not to accept Islam… that is the meaning of that surah…English translation is actually not accurate or misleading… check Arabic speaker Christian Prince on that topic ( you may even call him on skype and ask for Islamic scholarly interpretation sources )… for instance here is one of his YouTube video titled: Christian prince - their is no compulsion in religion

This is possibly the best short piece I’ve ever seen which shows the true nature of Islam. TY.

What is this guy’s name? I really like the way he presents. Very easy to understand his points. Does he have his own channel?

I just watched this video a week ago and gave it a :+1:yet it showed up as unwatched and unliked. This is an everyday occurrence now that honest against the running narrative videos are getting discredited.

There is no compulsion in islam…the only holy scripture that states this …Alhamdulillah

God bless you brother

Damn, Muhammad was a Calvinist

Gays and lesbians are new leaders in Christianity.

Could you include the details of the first book you referred to i.e. its full title, author, isbn etc in the description. Many thanks.

it is logical, use your brain as per Bart Erhman. no one or any group or any religion wants hypocrite among them.

So basically Allah decided that some people will not enter Islam, then he decided to fight them until they are killed. :sleepy:

Please talk about Warraqa bin Nawfal the Christian who taught Muhammad

“Our is-laaamb…”

Y’all need to watch Collins funny video :joy::joy::joy:

"This is˺ a discharge from all obligations,1 by Allah and His Messenger, to the polytheists you ˹believers˺ have entered into treaties with:

This man is omitting the context!!!

I feel so glad seeing that world is awakening now and getting to know the cruelty of ixlam.