NYC Muslim Day Parade 2016

New York City’s annual “Muslim Day Parade” took place on Sunday, September 25th, 2016.

From the NYC “Muslim Day Parade” website:

“The Muslim Day Parade Street Fair is a cultural celebration held annually in Manhattan for the last 30+ years to bring together members of the Muslim and Interfaith communities in the New York City Metro area. We gather at the starting point (Madison Ave & 38th St) at 12:30 PM on Sunday, September 25th. After praying Zuhr, the festivities begin with a parade down Madison Ave toward the stage at 24th St. (0.7 miles). This will be followed by a bazaar and halal food and drink festival, featuring authentic cuisine and merchant vendors. Guests also enjoy various spoken word and musical performances from the stage, all in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Children’s rides will be available as well.”

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I prefer the Muslim Gay Pride Parade over the Muslim Day Parade for brainwashed Muhammad fans!


But Music and musical instruments are Haraam… This is not permissible in Islam…

No words to describe. This religion is dead

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This guy shaking his head while recording, who told you to record?

Subhanallah, such a beautiful event. May Allah bless all the people that were present. Way too much hate in the comment section. If you don’t like it, don’t watch the video. No one is forcing you.

What is the Lion doing there??? Still more to hunt down.:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

It’s like a giant march for Satan. Piss be upon muhammed and may he rot in hell.

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According to what source muhamMAD ascended heavens?

As a Muslim I can’t support this Stupid people fellow thinks they are not Muslims demi kabah…Shame on you people

Will they advocate for Sharia and the Khalifa? That is what they are supposed to do from 9/11 for the next 50 days until Oct 30 for Eid Al Anfal. Why is David Wood there?

Excuse me … If i write that atheist it’s "the best model for mankind to follow i think all of islamics will kick my ass … Or not?

The Dome of the Rock on Har haBayit haMevorakh (the Temple Mt.) is NOT where their prophet “ascended to the heavens”. This is nothing but a bold lie designed to legitimize the usurpation of the Holy Temple’s site from the Jews, its rightful owners.

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