Obama Tells Ahmed Mohamed, "You Didn't Build That!" (There's a Sucker Born Every Minute)

As David Hannum once said of P. T. Barnum’s gullible customers, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Recently, a high school student named Ahmed Mohamed removed the outer casing from a commercial alarm clock. He then placed the remaining parts in a pencil box, took the box to school, and claimed to have build a clock. Since the clock resembled a bomb, a teacher eventually started wondering if it might be a “hoax bomb.” When Ahmed wouldn’t respond straightforwardly to questions, police were called. Still unresponsive with police, Ahmed was arrested. Now Ahmed is a national hero.

I’m so confused. What’s going on here? How is he a hero?

Read this (from the UK): A teenager will be deported to his home country of Pakistan after lying about his past in a bid for UK residency.
Daniyal Shahzad, 19, won public support in a campaign against his deportation… But it later emerged that he had lied about his identity, falsely claiming his name was Ahmer Rana. The Home Office said the UK Border Agency and courts both decided he had no legal right to stay in the UK and must return to Pakistan. …"The UK Border Agency decided some time ago that Mr Shahzad had no valid claim to remain in the UK. The courts backed that decision on three occasions, while new evidence which appeared in the media supported the agency’s conclusions.
“When people are here illegally and refuse to leave the country voluntarily, we will remove them.” [fair enough, although in 2020 we are having thousands of Muslim young men illegally entering the UK and the government turns a blind eye to it] …Mr Shahzad, has lived in Wales since 2008, moving in with foster parents John and Lesley Hillard … His foster parents have said they were stunned by the admission, but they were standing by him. [how dim are they? NOT ONLY did he lie about his name…] …A student at High School, he had claimed he had no family in Pakistan and feared his missing parents were dead. He had also claimed he was 18, and not 19. [He lied about his name and age - schooling in the UK is from 3-18. A High School has pupils from 11(12 depending on your when your birthday falls)-18, so he was lying about his age to get into a High School with possibly prepubescent girls (OK not 9 year olds but still)! ] But after supporters presented a 4,000-signature petition against his deportation to the Home Office, his story unravelled. [I expect they felt like idiots!]

The world’s gone stupid! So if I take the motherboard out of my computer and put it in a brief case I can claim to have built a computer? :woman_facepalming:

Love it.

What a liar…

This is how these Muslims, with something so insignificant, can make many people like this stupid media believe in them, like the word that these Muslims speak “pray” even though they don’t know what they are saying that word makes many trembles, it is sad to see the level of ignorance on these so -called intelligent people.

Wow what a piece of Islamic shit

He deserves it tho for arresting a helpless Muslim boy

I’m more pissed off at the fact that the Google Science Fair has tons of amazing projects which people worked really hard on and then you have this PR whore who got in for free just because he took apart a clock. As someone who was bullied for being Muslim all throughout my childhood into my teen years, I’m mad this kid made it into a PR thing instead of doing something good with his fame.

Wake up America and stop listening to Hollywood…they are luciferians…come on!!!

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This of course implies that someone who may be even more talented than him did not receive the stuff he kinda “unwillingly” stole…

If the future belongs to people like Ahmed, shoot me now.

Stop feeding milk to snake ,Islam is evil in his nature


Lying and Cheating is considered the most unforgivable sin in Islam.You have no fucking idea how much it hurts to see people point fingers at us on a daily basis. Blame the boy if you want but dont you dare blame our religion . We have gone through a lot and are still going through a lot. The Arabs have also invented numorous grear invention in the fields of mathematics,science and medicene. Get your facts straight before you blame others,people

Im 13 I designed a robot to end shark finning. This guy disassembled a clock I won an award but I didnt get to meet obama :frowning:

He is just following his prophet Mohammad who after 600 years, took stories from Bible, repackaged them and came up with Quran.

How lucky is this kid received revelations from mark Zuckerberg…lol!!:joy: