Obama's Big Dilemma

Dynamic Duo 10 years ago ! They rock !!!

You cannot have 2 masters. You must choose

Without Islam, no more terrorism and suicide bombings!

Obama’s dilemma… Muslim’s dilemma lol

American diplomats do not understand the danger of islam. That is why US always failed in its missions in islamic countries.

Another analogy for Obama’s dilema…similar to the square circle/unicorn thing, is like Winston Churchill and President Rosevelt respecting Mein Kampf, but protesting about the violence committed by the Nazi SS. It is very true what you’re saying. That’s why it is obvious Obama and his miscreants haven’t a clue what the Koran calls for.

Obama, Romney, they’re both idiots so who do you vote for?

Sam was trying to be like a pentecostal preacher about “the hour of power” thing

It is a word which was not a great translation but it is pretty good in some contexts. The KJV is miles better than other translations which have 1000s of omissions and errors, including the NASB, NKJV and NIV. Butgo to the website creationtoday on why does the bible mention unicorns.

So… the use of the word ‘‘unicorn’’ means nothing. It may be a correct transaction, nothing says that unicorns didn’t become extinct. Or that we don’t call those unicorns anymore. Are not many skeletons dug up daily which today’s scientists decide what to call it based upon what they think it ‘‘evolved’’ into or from? - Couldn’t one of these easily be a unicorn as described in the Bible? Of course. So the word unicorn in the Bible does not discredit any of the Bible.

Of course “unicorn” was a bad word decision by KJV translators. Apparently the exact meaning of the Hebrew word rĕ’em is uncertain. So at most this would be an argument against the total reliability of the KJV translation.

One thing you gotta respect about Swedish atheists. They at least treat Christianity and Islam equally as dirt - Koran & bible both being worthy only to be toilet paper. Christianity don’t mind as much. At the park ministry it is hoped they at least read some bible verses off of the cigarette wrapping that they turn the bible pages into and decide to repent because of that.

Debate = The puppet show segment of the presidential reality show.

Jack mormon vs jack muslim. Don’t practice much, but still loyal. Obama is totally LGBT. And a communist. And disobedient to the elite. Don’t matter america is done no matter who gets in. Romney will probably just be more profitable to the banks.

Your Unicorn analogy was bad…Here’s why…This is God Speaking to Job~ Job 39:10~
10 Canst thou bind the UNICORN with his band in the furrow? or will he harrow the valleys after thee? So does God not know that Unicorn’s don’t exist? I know, we don’t call them unicorn’s anymore…however, Many would turn this into an argument…just sayin!

The koran and hadith should be used as toilet paper,kitty litter/dog poop wrappers and bird cage liners. Burning it would be too respectful. Vikings burned their respected dead.
I heard a muslim say that when Jesus returns, He will follow behind Muhammad. Is that what the arrogant, deluded muslims believe?

It doesn’t matter who wins, we will continue to have endless wars, we will continue to see our economy crumble, the police state will grow and we will sink further into slavery

do you guys believe that Assad of Syria is killing his own people, like both Romney and Obama declare ( contrary to the facts as reported from within Syria) or that the muslim brotherhood and others has invaded Syria in an attempt to realize the “united states of islam” by toppling arab nations such as Libya and Egypt?

love you guys, you are doing an amasing job. God bless you both.