Occupy America: Leftists and Islamists United

Muslims have joined forces with the “Occupiers” to redistribute wealth.

I dislike lefties more then Muslims…they look like a bunch of hippies, SJW…long haired unwashed smelly, unknowing foolish people…lefties are snakes in the grass…

When I see them bow I remember bible stories when people worshipped idols and false gods this is sad

The funny thing about the imam being shot in Detroit by the FBI, he actually was a terrorist. Looking at his deathface, he had a smile on it. I guess his last dying thoughts was that he’d get his 72 raisins or something.

this is the prove that is a bunch of idiot,they come to this country begging,now look of what they are doing,this people is the cancer of the civilisation,they should put them in quarantine and deport them if they acct on a wrong way cause this group of people never know a peaceful life,how can you live peacefully if follow a stupid prophet as muhammed is and a false god allah khayrul makereen the best deceiver so you are following satan.a bunch of liar and deceiver.!!!

These people are all batshit insane.

Of u look SATAN,here,they are at the stage making rallies…

These people are basically attacking the U.S. authorities in its proactive efforts to protect its citizens. There have already been islamic based bombings & beheading in the U.S.

David Wood since you are speading hater I donot consider you than america citizen like me. What the NYPD did is illegal it than dumb person like you have touble with this unless you are than member of the secret america NAZIE Party called the Tea Party/GOP.

If Muslims don’t like this country they good get the fuck out our country.

islam is not religion of peace, it’s political theory of conquest, that seeks domination by any means it can.

Islam is false and from the devil.

Islam the religion of hate in the name of tyrant allah are at it again…iam telling you people where ever Islam goes it brings destruction and misery.

1:10 nice to see Mark twain has made a full recovery from being dead… and 2:01

Shoot the lot of them! That’s why they want to take your guns away so you can’t fight back!

attacks on muslims but they are filling up our country by the governments permission bullcrap islam is fake and satan condemns you and lifts you islam

disturbing ,trojhan horse comes to mind

WAKE UP europe and america Islam will dominate and subujate you