Old Testament Knowledge: Paul vs. Muhammad (PvM 3)

Both Paul and Muhammad claimed that their revelations were consistent with the Old Testament. But only one of them had actually read the Old Testament. Can you guess who it was?

This video is the third comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series.

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To be fair, Muhammad was raised in a Jewish and Christian community, so he did have some familiarity with the Old Testament at some level

Even muhamad wanted to follow the old tastemnt but due to he cnt read n write i think he translate every thing in da wrong way cause he somehow was also a cicraatic man who was so addicted to sex.

Yes stories of Joseph, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Jonah, Zechariah, John the Baptist, Jesus were all heard by an unlettered man while trading with caravans and then memorised until he became 40 and then suddenly disclosed all of them which got him persecuted at the hands of pagans for 13 years and which no one in that pagan background could have known as there was no libraries from Yemen up till the Byzantine border in Arabia and also then he made verses with so-and-so structure that they rhymed and also gave us a prose like structure which NOT ONLY FORCED MUSLIM BUT NON MUSLIM SCHOLARS TO CONCLUDE QURAN AS THE MOST ELOQUENT ARABIC BOOK and he also had the time to fight wars and convert the entire pagan Arabian peninsula into monotheistic polity and marry 11 wives and spent time with them in a single day and ACCIDENTALLY THE JEWISH RABBIS ASKED HIM QUESTIONS ABOUT PEOPLE WHOSE STORIES WERE VERY VERY VERY MUCH COMMON IN ARABIA TO TEST WHETHER HE WAS REALLY A PROPHET FOR WHICH THEY WERE WAITING FOR CENTURIES. NOW PLEASE SHUT AND SHUT UP!!!

Very helpful

How did muhammad become so influencial when he was so ignorant?

If Moses had prayed to false Gods, Muslims would have condemned him, why don’t Muslims condemn Muhammed and Islam as false then?

Sources on where Muhammad delivered satans revelations?

I am working on the same topic for a year now in order to write a book about it. I am so happy to find you doing it in a so great manner. May God bless you David. This is a very great work.

Before the start of the vid I was like, “Paul studied under Gamaliel who is a historical rabbi so he surely read the Tanakh”.

I laughed so hard espacirally with the Mother Goose and Brothers Grimm part. This is relevant, witty and from a spiritual angle, we see the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

Be blessed David


This video is too hurtful to compare Muhammad and Moses… Speaking Moses, thinking the commandments. Speaking Muhammad…

The one who could read was the one that studied the Old Testament

“As a general rule, if you’re going to plagiarize history, you don’t start with Mother Goose or the Brothers Grimm.” :joy:

Okay, I’m guessing Mo?

Thanks for sharing this. I need to tell all my Muslim friends this fact. Awesome stuff!!

I love series. Excited to finish this series.

Very good true amen allieluya

Paul being tutored by one of the elite scholar of his time, and muhamed professing to be illiterate wins this hands down. But that does not stop muhamed from creating a fairy tale using the rumors he heard, the product of which is the kuran. And more than a billion gullibles believed it like pinocchio and would kill for believing it realizing they were had.