On Taunting Jihadis Who Send Me Death Threats (David Wood)

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Since I get lots of questions about why I taunt the jihadis who send me death threats, I thought it would be good to answer the questions in a video.

Here are links to the videos I referenced:

“Does Allah Commit Shirk?”

“Muhammad, Cross-Dressing, and the London Muslim Patrol”:

“Zakir Naik Proves That Allah Is a Mouse”:

“Who Killed Muhammad?”

“Inside the Kaaba”:

“You kiss the Blackstone with that mouth?”
Okay, I take it back. THAT WAS FIRE :fire::fire::fire::fire:

“Since you’re a keyboard Jihadist who sends death threats from his mother’s basement”


If that one statement wasn’t fire🔥 then I don’t know what is.

Keep it up David Wood.

You don’t seem bring these enlighting statements up in front of Shaikh Uthman. Your hate for Muslims shows Everytime you call Muhammad PBUH a false prophet and the almighty seems to extended your lease . Your time will come soon and every statement you made will be questioned… Fool

the arabic word there translated “garment” means “cloth” - nothing gender specific

@Acts17Apologetics You are spectacular man 2000000000% out of %2000000000 spectacular.

Those of us who are not morally bankrupt jihadists admire you.

:star::star::star: :star::star::star: :star::star::star:David Wood​:star::star::star: :star::star::star: :star::star::star:.

David has no fear lbs


This is what I call high quality content

DW’s response is genius

3:48 is roast man

Years ago I had a muslim coworker who would threaten to kill every day, after he found out I was a Christian. I just ignored him mostly, but he became more and more relentless. Eventually I said “Geez! If you’re going to kill me, do it already because you’re ticking me off and I am trying to work!” He looked so surprised and said “you’re not afraid of me?” I laughed and said “no, not at all. You’re just annoying me.” Very LONG story short… he started asking tons of questions about Christianity, I offered to carpool him to work after he lost his car, and we became friends. He was not only ignorant to Christianity, but he also knew very little about Islam, other than that he had to “defend” his faith by threatening to kill me. He seemed very interested in Christianity after that. Unfortunately he moved away and we lost touch, so I never found out what happened to his faith and beliefs.

It would be great to see any replies to David’s taunts :slightly_smiling_face:

the replies were savage af. loved this video!

God preserve and protect you from the onslaught of Satan and those siding with him. :pray:t4:

6:42 You are so much funnier than Orange Man Bad Show With Kindergarten Insults guy (aka Colbert) or the “What’s in my pants” guy (aka Jimmy Kimmel). Imagine if the 6,393 people who like this video were a studio audience and this video had their laughter recorded onto this video.

Death Threats to you David…? NOT AT ALL… Jesus Christ is always with you…

Yes… yes you should taunt them lol. Seriously though… in many of the comments you set them straight and end up teaching them about hidden parts of their own religion. And your arguments lol. Definitely unconventional… but definitely rooted in solid logic.

Lmao I loved your comment on the Uzi. I was thinking the same thing when I read that lol.

David Wood you are real man of GOD, May GOD bless you