One-Minute Update: Machete Attack in Belgium (David Wood)

Nearly fourteen centuries ago, a man named “Muhammad” violently subjugated Arabia. The key to victory, according to Muhammad, was terrorism. In Sahih al-Bukhari 2977, Muhammad declared:

“I have been made victorious with terror.”

Earlier today, in Charleroi, Belgium, a devout follower of Muhammad shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he hacked two female police officers with a machete. A third police officer shot and killed the man.

As these attacks become a way of life in Europe, our leaders remain thoroughly convinced that there’s absolutely no connection between Muslims terrorizing their enemies in their quest for victory, and Muhammad declaring that terrorism is the key to victory.

Perhaps the real key to the success of terrorists is the stupidity of their enemies.

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I’m a Belgian. Our government and media are just scared of islam.

May Yahweh bless you and your children David. You are doing an amazing job. I want to ask you a quick question regarding ‘We smile at their faces while we curse them in our hearts.’ I mentioned this to a lot of my muslim friends during debates/ conversations. However, they have all denied this particular verse and said that this is not authentic hadith. They have never ever heard of it etc. Is this an authentic hadith? What can I say in response when they say that this is not authentic and we are fabricating? Please can you help.


But…but…he was already in the country for 8 years? Cou… Could this be “clickbait” ?


He was already in Belgium for 8 years…

Lemme guess the suspect is buddhist

I think it is a bit too easy to blame “stupidity” on the part of western leaders. They know very well what they want. To try to keep things calm until they go into the grave and may the storm then rage over later generations.

Politicians are bought off by Saudi Oil money. It’s best looking for alternatives in energy and association now.

what’s wrong with european and american government, can’t they see the islamic facts?

Sadly, this last statement seems to be true!!

Islam is the religion of pieces…i.e. Human parts.

Islam is self-destructive

Curious now how many suicide bombers does it take to equal a bomber on a aircraft carrier again I forget can someone help me out here lol .
Did Muhammad create the 5 million orphans in Afghanistan or was it the 5.5 million rounds a month USA Fired into every structure for 9 years to get 10,000 Taliban me wonder . USA raped 29,000 of their own each year or 290,000 over 10 years so how many did they rape in Afghanistan for those 10 years , Millions yea . Millions missing millions dead millions in refugee camps to get 10,000 Taliban . 22 veterans a day committing suicide 80,000 over 10 years all that to get 10,000 Taliban .

I guess it was worth it there is only 400 Taliban leftover from the slaughter but they did try to get them with 22,000 drone strikes just a few glitches in the drones they will get it right in the future .

No Taliban in Syria thank goodness oh that’s right ISIL that’s why there is 7 million refugees there to get the new 10,000 ISIL I guess 7 Million permanently displaced living in misery to get 10,000 ISIL bad guys is worth it after all 20,000 drone strikes never got ride of the few Taliban in India yet but i,m sure it helps fund fringe sites trying to make a easy buck .

My waistline has nothing to do with McDonald’s.


The BBC headline only mentioned that a man had died. Only later in the article did they point out he was a terrorist who tried to kill police officers. The politically correct media need to talk honestly about what is going on. Personally, I think as soon as a person starts shouting Allahu Akhbar and starts attacking strangers, then they should never be counted in the death toll. They have declared themselves as being inhuman, and should be treated that way.

Succinct. Too bad 99% of brain damaged progressives won’t get this message.


Have lived in Europe many years. unfortunately, the media here has brainwashed the Europeans to believe all these problems have nothing to do with the religion. Now they are in a place where they cannot acknowledge it as they are overrun and barely holding on. So, they turn their anger toward American racism.

Life isn’t this bad tbh