One Quran or Many Qurans? Speakers' Corner Debate Highlights (Hatun Tash vs. Mansur Ahmed)

Muslims often claim that the Quran has been perfectly preserved from the time it was revealed to Muhammad, and that there has never been a change to a single letter or diacritical mark of the Quran. Yet the Muslim sources show that entire chapters and individual verses were lost, and there are numerous differences even among Quranic manuscripts today.

In this debate at Speakers’ Corner, Hatun Tash takes on Mansur Ahmed on the topic: “One Quran or Many Qurans?”

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For the full discussion between Hatun Tash and Mansur Ahmed, watch these videos:

Part 1: p1 One Qur'an or Many Qur'ans? Confirmed: Multiple with textual variants (Hatun vs Mansur) - YouTube
Part 2: p2 One Qur'an or Many Qur'ans? Confirmed: Multiple with textual variants (Hatun vs Mansur) - YouTube
Part 3: p3 One Qur'an or Many Qur'ans? Confirmed: Multiple with textual variants (Hatun vs Mansur) - YouTube
Part 4: p4 One Qur'an or Many Qur'ans? Confirmed: Multiple with textual variants (Hatun vs Mansur) - YouTube

Hatun had gained a bit weight. The daughter of Zion, God’s child, speaking the truth of who God is.

As a Muslim…the Quran has nvr been fabricated…not a single word…

yes, there r fabricated Quran and Hadith but they fail…

Hatuns voice is soo annoying!!!

Jesus will help u to fight against this :smiling_imp:

We can see a Muslim win this debate.
Good job guys.
You can see also ahmad deedat.
He is at another level believe me.

Why Editing play the full video and see what the bird did to her… Shameless Hatun

I love this Mansur he is so funny! The Holy Bible is the Greatest book on earth! Never to be equalled! The Koran is a gathering of sentences gathered in a disorderly fashion. It is impossible to understand this confused book without the help of the hadiths. So very very very sad!

What a beautiful of Quran…:heart::heart_eyes::white_check_mark::sos:
I love Islam…:heart::heart_eyes:

Why were there so many cuts? The video is 57 minutes.
Shows your charector lmao.
You are witness to yourself.

Rabbi Tovia said christianity is from Greek paganism.

GOD bless You Women of God Hatun

1 quran alhamdulilah memorized by billions and recited every day.

Bold lady , hat’s off mam.

HATUN mam ,really you are lioness for Christ.

Hatun Taş looks like a neurotic.

Im sorry but when you claim to have “different versions of the quran” id expect you to pull out actual qurans where the Arabic is actually different…you know since the quran was REVEALED in ARABIC. Her saying that mansurs translation doesn’t match up EXACTLY with hers doesn’t mean anything lol. Different translations of the Quran say slightly different things and i can easily give examples of this. If you don’t believe me download the Quran pro app.
Its free in the play store. There are different translations on there from saheeh international (the modern day translation) down to Marmaduke Pickthall (the first english translation) and yes there are some differences in the translations because the English language has changed over the years.
In the same way classical arabic isn’t the EXACT same as mordern standard arabic (the arabic taught in schools to foreigners)
Ik this video has been terribly edited to show this as a DCCI victory. But come on folks use some common sense on this one.

Wowwwww the editing in this video is blatant :rofl::rofl::rofl: look up SC dawah video of this entire debate
Its in 5 parts at least 2 of which are 20 mins long which answers this question in full as well as Hatuns other questions. This 14 minute crude shamble of a video thrown together to make DCCI look somewhat respectable is embarrassing at best

What I don’t seem to understand is why the person who made this video had to edit so much of Mansurs comebacks it’s funny how the person of this channel plays all of the woman’s speech but cuts most of Masurs out clearly this is an agenda and spreading of hate and lies if you truly believe your religion is the truth why don’t you play the full debate without cutting most of the parts out :rofl: I’ve seen the whole debate and the woman got destroyed she always does in speakers corner and makes an absolute fool of herself for anybody watching this watch the full debates if you want to know the truth not the edited washed up version that’s been nitpicked

Lets give the whole video mR missionary cheater, youre the most shameless on history already got rinsed by hijab and mansur…

Here uploading a video where mansur is a clear winner…