Our Strong Tower Conference! (September 13-14, 2019)

WHO: Jay Smith, David Wood, Edward Dalcour, & Others
WHAT: Conference on Islam and Apologetics
WHEN: September 13-14, 2019
WHERE: Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
WHY: Why Not?

REGISTER: https://www.ministrytomuslims.com/our-strong-tower-conference.html

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Again I want to add the same comment that went unanswered a few days after this Conference: there was NO WAY for visitors to the website to sign up for any membership after the Conference if they didn’t get a chance to attend. Now, I emailed the Church in California that Pastor Saig is connected to/possibly Ordained at. And I sign each of my emails with my identification of who I am in my own Diocese, so that people know who they are receiving emails from, and who I represent before Christ. No response whatsoever from them regarding him, or about letting me email him…not even a hello. What is that then, all about? Where’s the Apostolic Christian fervor of responding back to fellow Christians? Can someone answer this? Secondly, there was a very important Coptic Priest speaking at the Conference that was lumped under “Other”. I believe I know who it was (probably living in Canada right now, because he is one of our own, we Copts are the ones who get routinely blown up by the Islamic Brotherhood), and I understand why his name could have been hidden for safety - so that’s secondary for the moment. But we need to ask what the heck is going on here. The level of secrecy after the event is sending everthing in reverse. The restrictive perameters of approaching the website for obtaining further direction can only leave the general public scratching their heads thinking “…why is this so covert now…”? in its effect. So far, I’m still waiting for a comment on my earlier comment, but I’ll accept a comment on this one since it’s further up the list as of today. it’s really rather astounding to see other people who said they would listen to this Conference, and who may have missed it, not stepping up to the plate and asking for directions for membership as well. It really begs the question of whether people wanted to just view “heroes” and let the core group be the only ones continuing to do the work, or whether membership is somehow restricted to the local area in California. (which would be contrary to David Wood’s current residence on the opposite coast.)

I realised that Islam is unbelievably psychotic. How did such a psychopath exist? I have no idea. He was the falsest of false prophets. He definitely EASILY deceives the elect :confused:

Fulton Sheen said that Virgin Mary will come to muslims and She will bring them to Jesus- She appeared in 1917 in Fatima Portugal not by mistake

Haha David @Act17Apologetics. You are so funny :grinning::blue_car:. The cement colour :blue_car:

Hello Pastor George :pray::pray::pray::latin_cross::latin_cross::church::church::church::poland::poland::poland::heart::heart::heart:

I wish I had the money to jump on a plane and go to these types of events whenever I wanted. Oh, well… Until then, I’ll have to keep taking advantage of the internet. Thanks for all your videos.

Jesus and Heaven Kingdom Happy with what you do …
Thank god… and God always be with you. Amen.

David, it would help if you would list your itinerary. We could plan and everyone wins. If you have such a list, I’m sorry I could not find it.

For the work that he’s doing, that man deserves a new truck. And why are all the best Christian conferences in socal? Meanwhile…I’m stuck in northern cal.

Christendom is the world Empire of false religion. The form of Christianity that is pure , is the form of Christianity that rejects all false doctrines.

Maybe the truth is not popular for either side, but the truth, is the truth.

Islam is a false religion. But the Trinity doctrine is a false doctrine. Jehovah is God.

God bless you brother in jesus christ name amen. Love from india

Hey David Wood, I am a big fan of your works. Can I get your email address so that I can discuss some matter regarding Bible verse and finding some quran verse? I live in a south asian muslim country. Your videos bring my faith and inspire me a lot when I’m under critical situation? I just want to know how could I write more to you easily?

David wood I was alone with my stupidly I didn’t know what to believe now every thing is clear and I am a Christian hallelujah happy to be Christian by choice.
I am Pakistani Christian I love Pakistan for true Christians are patriotic but Pakistan don’t love me.

Where is the video of your debate with Mohammed Hijab? I found that video on another channel…dude… you ass was handed over to you in that debate. You couldn’t prove anything. Egoist fool. Get some proofs before going on debate. Attention seeking dickhead…

Can anyone give me link of Christian Prince’s channel?

Arab Christian Prince vs shabir alley. Shabir alley admitted that he is not match to cp. Hahahaha Islam promote pedophile, rapist, murderer.