Our Strong Tower Conference This Friday-Sunday (September 7-9) in California

The annual “Our Strong Tower” conference will be in Bellflower and Anaheim, California this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (September 7-9, 2018). You can register for the conference here:

Here are the times and locations of the conference:

Friday, September 7, 6:30-8:45pm
Saturday, September 8, 9:30am-5:00pm
16705 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower, CA

Sunday, September 9, 2:45-9:00pm
270 East Palais Road, Anaheim, CA

David Wood, why don’t write not only one, but two books synthesizing your ideas against Islam and for Christianity? One for a more academic and cult audience, and the other for a broader one. I think you should do that in order to reach an wider audience. Those are my thoughts. Greetings from Brazil.


Thanks for all the videos and all the best to everyone here!
I thought it was Acts18Apologetics, is there any significance to the number?

Im one of David Wood fans. He is funny and smart. Is this his youtube channel? Because im confuse the name is not David Wood.

I Really love Jesus, one day when i got knocked and got miracle i really2 Crying so hard and happy at the same time. I Hope people know about Jesus more. Shalom. Haleluya.

David, please come to India and crush Zakir Naik fans here.

You have a great sense of humour. When you said you would name that plant Dr Zakir Naik, I thought why you are disrespecting that cute little plant, but then you said that the name was quite perfect because like Dr Zakir Naik that plant had never faced any real Christian debater, I literally rolled on the floor laughing for a minute.

Mr David do you have your own knowledge and intelligent to share to people? I found out that 99.99% of your videos always talks about other to gain attentions. Why don’t you use your own, at least once.

I’m Christian by the way.

Mohammad hijab is waiting for a response coward

PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS David Wood Final Challenge (3 Days to Respond) - YouTube

Would love to see an academic discussion

You don’t have the guts to face Dr Zakir Naik. Lol. If you have tad bit of guts then respond to Muhammad Hijab and accept his debate on trinity and tawheed you coward piece of shit. Muhammad Hijab already destroyed Jay Smith once at speakers corner and after that jay Smith has never dared to debate Muhammad hijab ever again .

David you coward why aren’t you responding to the challenger Mohammed Hijab??? Why? Because you know you will be put to shame and show everyone the truth that you are full of lies and can only spread rumours and deceit like the Jews did about Jesus wit their corrupt friends and followers, Is that how you’re going to behave? Like the ones who killed your god? Disgusting duplicitous coward. Is that how you represent your religion and your god and those who follow it, like those who plotted to murder Jesus behind his back? You’re outrageous!!! Any god would be ashamed of someone like you, you’re like a snake biting when people’s back are turned like the one in the garden of eden. Face him you coward, represent your belief, represent your followers and retrieve your dignity

did u ever asked zakir naik in any debate?

Brother David: Would you consider having a Live Discussion with Veedu Vitz? Watch the YouTube video, link below! :point_down:

I left Islam too honestly its not a good religion, too many bad/fake/strange/contradiction teachings that i cant ignore anymore.
Back then i hate Jesus and the church, at first i’m reluctant to enter a church, after 2 years regularly go to church i’m baptized, and Christianity is the best thing that happen in my life. JBU.

Hey David, I’m a Christian man that is very interested in why you are so harsh in your videos. I can in a sense understand why you do make your videos so harsh, due to the lack of respect the Christian faith gets, many people do think that the Christian faith gets a lot of respect and no criticism, however the fact that soo many people are spreading the lie about the corruption of the bible, I find this to be very insulting. It’s reasons like that as to why I believe that the Christian faith is not respected by others. I don’t know if this is why you are so harsh in your videos however I am very interested in your reasons for taking such a harsh route. I would like to get a video about this however a reply to my comment would also be fine.

David plz make a video about explaining the reason why some Muslim fanatics shouldnt think nabeel was cursed BECAUSE HE WASN’T CURSED. I think u were gonna make it but u just forgot. just a reminder

Mohammad Hijab Challenge you to debate

here you are . you retire talking islam? ahahaha . good

David Wood Challenged to ... - YouTube Mohammad hijab challelened you again!!!